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Causes of Excessive Sleepiness and How To Deal With It

Causes of Excessive Sleepiness and How To Deal With It

Have you ever felt like you are so sleepy that you will fall asleep any second even though you slept quite well? 

This problem occurs for more and more people. There are many aspects to consider to find out what is the cause of sleepiness and other issues related to sleep.

National Sleep Foundation and other institutions provide only general guidelines and results regarding sleep as optimal sleep time can be anywhere between eight and more hours. Some people might even feel good after seven hours of sleep.

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One of the problems that will force anyone to visit a specialist is idiopathic hypersomnia, which, based on National Sleep Foundation (NSF), is “a serious and debilitating disorder with no known cause.” It is hard for a person to even wake up from sleeping. No naps or sleeping is of help because the person still feels like being dizzy after sleeping. The need to sleep might occur even during an ordinary and rather exciting conversation.

According to the NFS, together causes of extreme sleepiness are:

  • Narcolepsy (sleep paralysis, excessive sleepiness, sleep attacks, hallucinations, etc.)
  • sleep apnea (breathing briefly and repeatedly interrupted when sleeping)
  • movement disorders while sleeping
  • a variety of medications

The problem is less severe if you can feel better after sleeping. An example would be feeling better after sleeping as you didn’t get good or enough sleep a night before. This is a case of chronic sleep deprivation when a person can deal with it himself. Extreme sleepiness gets more complicated because the duration and symptoms are more severe. It is more than clear if there are symptoms of extreme sleepiness for more than six months, they won’t go away. 

The most common treatment is stimulant medications (amphetamine, methylphenidate, modafinil, etc.). Board-certified nutrition specialist warns that one shouldn’t use them as a substitute for sleep. You can read more about sleep importance here. Additionally, everyone should consider their daily habits and possibilities to have a good sleep like taking naps when possible, have a regular sleep schedule. Alcohol and certain medications also can trigger drowsiness.

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Everyone wants to feel energetic because only that way, it is possible to achieve better results regarding daily tasks and feel better. Nobody wants to have co-workers who are not capable of dealing with tasks or are always complaining about feeling sleepy or without energy. You don’t want to be one of those persons, so it is good to take sleep and sleeping problems seriously. Specialists are always open to trying to find a solution that works in each case. General suggestions can only do as much as to warn and draw attention to certain things. The best treatment and results are available under professional guidance.


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