Is Canola oil healthy?

Canola oil is a monounsaturated fat and like olive oil is considered to be a “healthy” oil. Most of us are using it for cooking, but the truth is different. Canola oil is man-made, never seen in nature or eaten by humans until recently, and it exists due to modern chemistry and biological manipulations.

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Have you heard of Canola seeds? Of course not, Canola oil comes from hybridized, genetically modified rapeseed plants. Rapeseeds plants are the olive waste usually made from a crop plant from the mustard family plant which has been cultivated for food.

History of canola oil

The name “canola” was registered in 1979 by the Western Canadian Oilseed Crushers Association to describe “double-low” varieties. Double low indicates that the processed oil contains less than 2% erucic acid and the meal less than 3 mg/g of glucosinolates. Erucic acid is a fatty acid linked to heart disease. Glucosinolates have breakdown products that are toxic to animals. Both characteristics make rapeseed products poor candidates for animal consumption.

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Before the production of canola oil and its hype, the plant was used as a cattle feed. A Canadian oil manufacturer saw a profit in using it. Even bugs will not eat rapeseed plants so why should we?

Rapeseeds contains a toxic substance called erucic acid, which cause metabolic disorders, harms the heart valves, causes a loss in heart flexibility and energy production. It decreases the production of HDL cholesterol and red blood cells.

Even the claim that canola oil has some level of Omega-3 fatty acid is questionable. Yes, it contains 14% of the fragile Omega-3 fatty acids for our daily intake but, because of its high sensitivity, you don’t want to cook or fry with this oil. When you do so, you are oxidizing this fat’s molecular structure and damaging your cells.

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