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Can White Tea Help Metabolism? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

We have already discussed green tea and its health benefits, but we cannot leave white tea outside the spotlight. There are some white tea weight loss success stories as well as it boosting metabolism and promoting other important health benefits. Everyone can get there with some smart evaluation and help.

Why is white tea good?

This tea has a high concentration of catechins. It does not get oxidized like black tea. Catechins help to boost metabolism and thus promote weight loss.

Another study also shows that white tea promotes lipolytic activity that is good to deal with fat metabolism. The results showed that there was “incubation of preadipocytes with White Tea extract solution significantly decreased triglyceride incorporation during adipogenesis in a dose-dependent manner” as well as “stimulated lipolytic activity in adipocytes.”  Thus white tea can be used to modulate adipocyte life cycle and tackle weight problems. The best things are also that no matter if you favor drinking white tea at night, it is still a natural source and is more healthy than coffee.

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Importance of adipose tissue function:

  • Regulation of the body’s energy balance
  • Modulation of metabolic processes
  • Balancing insulin sensitivity
  • Having appropriate immunological responses

Increased adipose cell number also means more fat cells and bigger their size. In research, there was a white tea solution used on a human to evaluate numerous aspects that influence metabolism. The results showed “efficacy of this extract on different levels of the cell metabolism that involve modulation of adipogenesis-associated transcription factors.”[1] The tea solution decreased triglyceride level during angiogenesis, stimulated lipolytic activity. There is no doubt that white tea helps for metabolism and thus also obesity that has become an increasing problem. Studying fat metabolism is important. It is not possible to say exactly how many cups of white tea a day someone should consume because it varies based on numerous other factors. A smart way of how to address is to be more cautious about daily food consumption including avoiding sweet beverages. This kind of tea can be a good alternative.

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Further professional evaluation allows for achieving better results in weight loss and other aspects that are a part of the health issue.


[1] White Tea extract induces lipolytic activity and inhibits adipogenesis in human subcutaneous (pre)-adipocytes. Accessed from:”nofollow”



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