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Can Green Tea Help for Metabolism and Reduce Body Fat?

Previously we looked at how amino acids intervene with glucose metabolism, but this time we will bring in a spotlight green tea help for metabolism and body fat.

Why is green tea healthy?

 Firstly, it has a lot of antioxidants and other substances (e.g., caffeine and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)) that have proved to have a good impact on health. Many studies show this coloration. They also show that green tea diet plan increases fat burning, thus helping to lose weight. The fat break down first happens with the cell and then the fat moves to the bloodstream. Green tea can boost the fat-burning hormones. Antioxidant EGCG breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. Only when there is a breakdown of fat, it can have a later use for energy for other cells, e.g., muscle cells. If a person burns 2000 calories daily, “3-4% amounts to an additional 60-80 calories per day.”

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But how much green tea should a person drink for weight loss?

Well, it is hard to say an exact amount because it differs from person to person as other influences affect the result: physical activities, overall diet, health problems, etc. It is also possible to have green tea extract as a supplement. As you can see from this research, men, who used green tea supplement burned 17% more fat with exercising than those with the same exercising amount and without this supplement. Furthermore, another study shows that green tea helped to burn more fat during exercise and rest.

A newer study from 2012 examined the effect in zebrafish (mammals). It also highlighted that “visceral fat accumulation is one of the most important predictors of mortality in obese populations.” The results showed a decrease in visceral fat but not subcutaneous fat tissue. Additionally, there was also an alteration of hepatic lipid catabolism genes that is also a positive marker to help against weight gain and body fat accumulation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that green tea will make everyone lose weight in 2 weeks or sooner. For some, it might take three months and more. No conclusive results are saying the tea helps to decrease appetite for food. It is also essential to draw attention to what kind of fat is the worst. In many cases, visceral fat causes inflammation and insulin resistance that leads to further diseases (e.g., diabetes, heart disease).

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We can say that those green tea weight loss reviews are real, but only that might not bring significant results. To make a good change, a person needs to change various other aspects, including more protein (some might need protein supplements like Balance Cellular Phytonutrient Protein) and cutting carbs).

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Chen Ben Asher

 Board- Certified Nutritionist


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