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My name is Chen Ben Asher, and I’m a board certified Campbell nutritionist, as well as the owner of Mor’s Nutrition & More. I know from personal experience that most “healthy diets” are far too general to address the most common medical conditions that plague my clients, such as:

Excess weight is a factor for so many of the labeled diseases clients are diagnosed with. I have seen over and over again that by moving past the weight – and into the nitty-gritty of your body, its metabolism, and its life experience – we find the root causes of your symptoms or discomfort. By nourishing and nurturing the root, the body’s healthful balance is restored, and the weight begins to come off.

That’s why one of my mottos is “Gain Health, Lose Weight!” When you approach symptoms and side effects with curiosity and a little scientific data, nutrition becomes a personal investigation that yields functional results.

Are you interested in getting to the bottom of any blocks or issues negatively impacting your weight, health, and wellness? Contact me, Chen Ben Asher at Mor’s Nutrition and More at +1 (408) 966-4972 and we’ll schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. If it feels like a good fit, I look forward to facilitating your journey back to a healthier and more vibrant You!

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Functional Nutrition Begins With a Healthy Gut

Our knowledge about the body’s gastrointestinal tract has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two decades, and what we’ve learned is that the modern water supply, environmental factors, and commercial diets are not the best means of supporting the microflora and fauna (natural, healthy bacteria) that live in the gut – and facilitate nutrient absorption.

What that means is that a myriad of health ailments arise when the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients is stymied. In other words, you can eat all of the health food you want, and it might not do any good if your gut health is screaming for help.

Almost all of the symptoms listed above and more – weight gain, bloating, stomach and overall discomfort, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, sleep issues, etc. – can be traced to poor gut health. By addressing that issue with a personalized nutrition plan, we’ll be well on our way toward achieving your health goals.

Integrating Science and Nutrition Yields Sustainable Outcomes

In addition to promoting a healthy gut, I’ll want to glean valuable information and data about your medical history and general health. That includes speaking to, communicating with or requesting medical records from your current health professionals, if possible. The more we’re all together on the same page, the more fruitful the outcomes will be.

This includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of your personal medical history, family medical history, and in-depth Q&A as I learn more about you, your life, and your current lifestyle.
  • Basic blood panels and any specialized tests that make sense for your symptoms.
  • Genetic nutrition interpretation. Your genes have a notable role in the way your body processes – or doesn’t process – certain foods, as well as whether or not you manifest certain health conditions or diseases.
  • Hair analysis. Your environment, lifestyle, work life, diet, and nutrient absorption, and so on play a major role in your health and wellbeing. The cells in your hair store lots of information about these factors, so I use hair analysis to get more information about other potential “root causes” for what ails you.
  • Telomere testing. Telomeres are protective segments of DNA that work to keep the ends from fraying when cells divide. The longer they are, the more protected your DNA and the healthier you are. By testing telomere lengths, we can draw conclusions about your general health. If they are short, we’ll create a plan to help re-nourish them back to health again.

Based on the results of these tests and screenings, we have a strong baseline with which to begin altering your nutritional intake, offering your body what it needs most to get back into balance.

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I work in close partnership with my clients, so it’s essential that you feel 100% comfortable and confident in my as your Campbell nutritionist. Contact me by phone at +1 (408) 966-4972, email me, or use my online form to schedule your 30-minute consultation so you can see if Mor’s Nutrition & More is the right fit for you. If so, I look forward to supporting you as we facilitate your journey back to health and wellness.