How to Balance Your Immune System?

The immune system is an important system for people’s health. So it’s not a surprise that a question “how to balance your immune system” is always actual.

The main threat to the immune system’s balance is inflammation. Everyone needs to watch out of certain things to avoid further health issues.

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Possible inflammation triggers
  1. Poor diet (e.g., rich in unhealthy sugar, processed foods)
  2. Stress (worrying less about things and calm lifestyle is important)
  3. Allergens (from food or/and environment)
  4. Toxins (e.g., mercury, pesticides)
  5. Not enough exercises (and consuming too many calories)
  6. Hidden infections (bacteria, parasites, yeasts, viruses)


How to find a solution to an overactive immune system?

The environment can influence any person’s body even more than they think. I, board-certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher, also note that not all inflammatory responses are bad. If you have rash while having some virus infection, it’s a normal body reaction to protect the body. Chronic inflammation needs attention – it’s more hidden. Even more surprisingly, a person can feel quite healthy. I have seen women come to my office to complain about problems to lose weight, but when doing simple blood tests, I see that they have serious inflammation that they had no idea. Anti-inflammatory drugs won’t be a solution. You need to trust a specialist to identify triggers and causes of inflammation and the way to help naturally and fast. So when next time you take an aspirin, have a second thought.

Some people might not even know that there are so many things that can influence that they have an overactive immune system. And naturally, there are also numerous things that you can do to enhance your body before it leads to some chronic illness (diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

What are the possible imbalance symptoms?
  • High blood pressure
  • Reflux
  • Weight problems
  • Problems with excessive hair growth or hair loss
  • Excessive fatigue without any apparent reason
  • Headaches
  • Rash
  • Infections that don’t seem to go away fully
  • A bit higher temperature than normal
  • Joint aches


How to balance your immunity naturally?

Each person should have a professional attention to find the best solution. Good results primary depends on what you eat and how active you are. Whole food diet including plants is anti-inflammatory so that it might help. One needs to be clear that there are also no foods that one is allergic, so it’s practically impossible to balance your body.

There are numerous healthy fats to get enough fats that are needed for energy supply. This option includes olive or coconut oil, nuts, omega 3 fats, etc.


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The immune system needs attention. We can help to find the best solution. Other mineral support and multi-vitamins from supplements can help to deal with inflammation and balance the whole immune system. Used only with a specialist advice.

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