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Bacterial Pathogens as the Core Influencers of our Guts

Bacterial Pathogens as the Core Influencers of our Guts

From time to time, all of us are experiencing various sensations, tension and torsion in our guts. But who actually care of what is going on there, deep within?

While we are dreaming big about the next yummy snack to bite, a vacant spot remains for what happens next, in-depth of us. And you know what? Extremely a lot of things are happening there, to be clear-cut, the whole bacteria world takes the lead inside our guts.

For the neat analogy, there are about 100 trillion of different microorganisms inhabit our intestines the total size of which is comparable with the size of a medium watermelon. Now it gets interesting, doesn’t it?

To meet every inhabitant personally and discover precisely what each one of them is doing inside of your guts, Chen Ben Asher’s Wellness Clinic provides several specific tests. The tests can divide bacteria into the main categories: Bacterial Pathogens, H. pylori, Normal Bacterial Flora, Opportunistic Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi/Yeast. At this time, in more detail, we talk about Bacterial Pathogens and their impact on human health.

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Bacterial Pathogens

Why do you need to worry?
Unlike beneficial bacteria, bacterial pathogens have an explicit nature to cause disease under certain favorable conditions for their overgrowth. These conditions could appear due to the poor diet, long-lasting stress, antibiotic treatment and weakening of the immune system. Pathogens may be found in the human body since the moment of birth or get into from the environment.

Pathogens are usually represented as yeasts, parasites and bacteria that contribute to chronic illness and neurological dysfunction. Oftentimes, new bacterial pathogens enter the body with food and water contaminated with fecal elements contained these microorganisms. Yes, it’s dirty, and yes, it entails a lot of troubles.

How do pathogens hurt you?

Generally, these troubles originate from the ability of pathogens to produce toxins. Normal bacterial flora inside the intestine provides a protective gut function that does not allow to absorb toxins in the blood. When the balance of the bacteria environment is disrupted, this protective function can no longer stop toxins from entering the blood. In a result, the toxins can pass through the blood-brain barrier and alter neurological functioning, causing brain fog, behavior problems and learning difficulties.

After infection with the toxins, the host body starts to experience symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, unexplained and drastic weight changes, food poisoning, sleep troubles, skin irritation, body fatigue, exhaustion and depression.

Do you fall into the risk zone?

Determination of risks to become a victim of bacterial pathogens requires a complex approach. First of all, it is critical to hold a series of tests for an indication of the bacterial composition dominating your guts. One of the most relevant tests is the Comprehensive Stool Analysis, which detects the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as yeast, parasites and bacteria in the test sample. Nevertheless, to find a pathogen is only half the battle.

Evaluation of beneficial bacteria levels is also a fundamental part of the testing because mostly their population defines the ability to resist or jeopardize the immune system under the influence of pathogen toxins. Therefore, the Comprehensive Stool Test also analyzes the entire bacteria in-gut community, intestinal immune function, overall intestinal health, and inflammation markers.

What tests do bring to me?

The bacterial environment of the intestine is crucial. The whole body health depends on what kind of bacteria have superiority in your guts. If bacterial pathogens occupy a large share, then you are at risk of catching dangerous disease due to their toxins, which are travelling through the blood and cause drastic changes in your natural defense system. Timely testing ensures your readiness to give adequate resistance.

For this purpose, the Comprehensive Stool Test provides you with the following advantages:

  •  determination of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract
  • detection and isolation of bacterial pathogens
  • measurement of the digestive parameters without invasive procedures
  • selection of a suitable treatment based on the markers

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In a result, by obtaining accurate and comprehensive information about your bacterial composition, you will be able to get rid of the current poor health conditions, annoying symptoms and even save yourself from an awfully lot of problems in the future. Before making your choice, the hardest step is always the first one. Dramatically, it turns out as the most important. Please do not put your health on the shelf for tomorrow; it is better to consult a specialist when you need help, rather procrastinate until the time when you cannot avoid it. Alright, enough reading, let’s test your bacteria for the gut’s sake!

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