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7 Tips to Support Your Immune System

Follow these 7 tips to support your immune system

Wash Hands Frequently and Thoroughly

As simple as it sounds, this is the number one way to prevent the flu and other respiratory infections. You must scrub your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to kill viruses. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands first.

Support Your Gut

All disease starts in the gut. Your gut is your gateway to health, 90% of your immune system is located in your gut. Make sure you support yours by adding high-quality of multi-strain probiotic, of a minimum of 50 billion units. This will keep your levels of good gut bacteria up to help fight off infections.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Even moderate sugar consumption can suppress the immune system and make it more difficult for your body to fight off infections like the flu. It also leaves you open to gut infections such as Candida and SIBO, which suppress your immune system and cause Leaky Gut.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is known to suppress our immune systems. Consider meditation, yoga, or acupuncture.

Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Your body relies on sleep to recuperate from daily exposure to toxins. Chronic sleep deprivation can significantly reduce immune function.

Take an Immune Booster

Give your immune system an added boost with a supplement containing immunoglobulins and protein, such as the Balance IGG Colostrum I carry in my store. This supplement is a purified form of colostrum, which is the first milk after birth designed to bolster the immune system. The immunoglobulins in colostrum will boost your IgA antibodies – which are your body’s first line of defense. These IgA antibodies are produced by immune cells in your gut and can deactivate and even eliminate harmful pathogens and toxins, such as those that come with seasonal sickness.

Optimize Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is a powerful immune system modulator, meaning it is key to fighting off infections and regulating autoimmunity. Optimal levels range from 50 to 70ng/mL, so I recommend taking 5,000 IU of a high-quality D supplement per day and working with a physician to regularly monitor your levels. Schedule your free consultation with Chen Ben Asher today. The reason we have success is that we take the time to understand what’s happening inside your body on a cellular level, which, of course, brings real results to our clients!

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