7 Great Benefits of Fish Oil

Eating fish has been considered healthy for many decades. More and more studies have been carried out about different advantages this food supply can give. Nowadays instead of only eating fish raising popularity has fish oil supplement or omega-3. It allows much easier intake in a short period. There is a need to understand fish oil benefits.

  1. Support for the bones

There are numerous reasons why bones can become fragile: after having a child, going into menopause, natural, biological occurrence in any human body, medical procedures, and others.  Studies show that fish oil really can help to avoid osteoporosis and other health problems. It can help to support the bone density and the balance of calcium that is an important substance for bone strength.

  1. Fat control

Another study carried out by Peter Howe at the University of South Australia has revealed that combination of exercise and fish oil supply can help to achieve a better fat loss. It can also be a good solution in combination with another diet.

  1. Postpone aging

Growing studies show that there is a link between telomere softening that is part of DNA and aging. Levels of fish oil in the blood can positively influence the inevitable process. This can also be a positive addition to the overall mood.

  1. Protection from air pollution

An interesting study of University of Bristol study carried out in 2012, has revealed that there are less negative effects on those people, who have taken 3 g of fish oil daily than those without it.

  1. A natural boost for brain and memory

Researches have revealed that there is a connection between cognitive function, changes in the brain structure and fish oil supplements. It positively influences cerebral cortex and hippocampus – brain areas that are responsible for memory and overall thinking.

  1. Protection of muscle mass

There can be numerous cases while some people might suffer from muscle loss like undergoing chemotherapy and others. It can help to maintain the mass. One of the studies supporting it researched clients being given 2.2 g of eicosapentaenoic acid on a daily basis and clients without this supply. 69% of those who took fish oil supplement maintained their weight, but others lost approx. 2.3 kg on average.

  1. Lowering heart disease risk

Studies have found out that people, who take fish oil on a daily basis, are less prone to experience a heart attack or have some other heart disease. One of the risk factors for that is levels of triglycerides that comes part of high blood pressure. Fish oil can reduce the number by 20-50%.

Fish oil can provide support for the whole body. Numerous benefits are already scientifically proven. There is a solid background for anyone to find out, even more, advantages the supply from the fatty acid from the fish tissues. In this way, anyone can change his life to something better and safer in an easy way. Pharmacy with fish oil supplements is a great helper to provide to the body what it misses.

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