Chen Ben Asher, MA., CNC, What Damages Your Good Gut Bacteria?

Not all bacteria is bad. It is just one small aspect what you should take into account when getting to know more about gluten and gut health. The reality is that numerous environmental aspects can have a negative effect on your microbiome.

What is microbiome?

It is a set of bacteria that we have in and on our bodies. Microbiome has various functions. Some bacteria is responsible for vitamin production like K2. Your body needs this vitamin that gets synthesized in the bod on a daily basis. This process happens in the gut. If there is not the right amount of bacteria, people can become deficient in certain vitamins. This situation is where certain supplements like Balance-CA-MG come in. It is one of the supporters of healthy gut balance that controls glucose levels, healthy blood pressure, energy production, and muscle relaxation. However, it is not the ultimate solution to fix microbiome. Microbiome also is a part of producing minerals and chemicals. Bacteria can transport certain information to the immune system. Read more about your immune system here.

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What kills good gut bacteria?


More and more people seem to have a prescription of antibiotics especially in the case of inflammation. Read more detailed about inflammation here. In my practice, I have seen that many antibiotic users have big problems with digestion as they can’t break down the food that well. The case might be that the food is not properly broken down in nutrients or absorbed.

Pedantic hygiene

The microbiome is also a part of the skin. Many people use too many products on a regular basis that damage the natural microbiome. Among these products are lotions, cosmetics, shower gels, soaps, etc. Even soaps can be very strong antibiotic elements. Many people come with acne that is their main problem, but they don’t realize that it is a result of overuse of certain products. Even dry skin can be a result of it. People have become more anti-germs and move away from natural products. That is the reason why restoring gut flora can be very challenging.

Food allergies

Not all people can eat whatever might want. That is the sad reality, but it is also important to acknowledge that so that there wouldn’t be any further problems like celiac disease. However, gluten intolerance is one of the issues that add certain limitations to foods. You can read more about it here. Also, beer and gut bacteria don’t go that well together especially when talking about excessive consumption.

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To restore gut bacteria and good health takes time. One needs commitment and the right support. With the right approach to functional medicine, it is possible to be back on track.

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