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High blood pressure is not a good sign from the different medical point of view. Nevertheless, this condition has skyrocketed especially in America. Functional medicine gives various treatment options.

Not only high blood pressure is the most common diagnosis, but also medications that people get prescription for it are the most widespread. This kind of high blood pressure improvement isn’t the best option because it causes undesirable side effects. You can look yourself at some even the most ordinary pills and see the description of what kind of various drawbacks there can be. This aspect is where functional medicine can help.

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Why functional medicine?

Just with a supple search, it is possible to find numerous research that supports this alternative research. One research from PMC US National Library of Medicine is about the case of hypertension and a hypothesis that it is time to choose nutrition instead of simple drugs.

High blood pressure medication alternatives:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Appropriate sports activities

There are also various other options that a person can have according to everyone’s special condition and what might be the underlying cause of high blood pressure.

Why is high blood pressure dangerous?

It increases the risk of numerous negative health conditions:

  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Heart failure

A functional approach to high blood pressure:

  • Distinguish possible nutrient deficiencies (vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, etc.) Supplements like Balance-Buffed C have already helped in certain cases in my practice, but there is much more to that.
  • Evaluate toxic levels of mercury
  • Address chronic inflammation
  • Get tests for blood sugar and metabolic syndrome
  • Check hormonal imbalances
  • Address if there is a lack of dietary potassium or too much sodium. Balancing nutrients is crucial to regaining a balanced blood pressure

The list doesn’t stop there, but these are among the most common problems that people have. The more imbalances there are, the more time it will take to get results. Treating the cause is crucial. Anti-hypertension medicine already after a short time can show the very adverse effect on the overall body situation. One example is a woman who came to complain about their skin problems that didn’t seem to go away even though she wasn’t eating anything super unhealthy. She was taking medicine for her blood pressure. She also had tried different creams, antibiotics, and other options that the dermatologist prescribed. The underlying cause was a hormonal imbalance that led to inflammation that was also visible from the outside. With the proper hormonal balance treatment and lifestyle change within a couple of months, there was already a significant change. For some even just eating more veggies and drinking more water can help the body.

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For everyone can have the different cause of their problems. Only a professional help can propose the best high blood pressure diet and other long-lasting solutions. Up next, let us address migraines.

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