Is It Possible to Help Autoimmune Disease with a Diet or Other Options?

For some people, the autoimmune disease might seem something very mysterious and uncommon. The reality is that it is not that uncommon, but in my experience, many people don’t even realize that they have it. That is why it is worth not only address how to help the autoimmune disease but also how to spot it.

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One of the examples of autoimmune diseases when I spot a rather young woman came with inflamed skin. I could also see that her joints were quite swollen and that wasn’t arthrosis. The reality is that her immune system was attacking the body making it ill. She felt and looked quite miserable because she complained of lack of energy. She already had visited some doctors, and they had prescribed different medicaments for suppressing the immune system including acid blockers, prednisone. These drugs come with their own risk as they increase the risk of infection and even cancer.

Autoimmune disease definition has to do with “abnormally low activity or overactivity of the immune system”[1] that is also reflected in the practical example above. What is the solution? Well, there are always options that for different people vary:

Of course, there are different types of autoimmune diseases and other aspects that differ in each case. You need to treat the underlying causes that in the particular young lady’s case was inflammation. This approach is a part of functional nutrition that helps in numerous cases of autoimmune disease that now affect close to 30 million Americans meaning. It is an issue that needs further attention.

Autoimmune diseases list:

  • lupus
  • type 1 diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • colitis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • Crohn’s disease, etc.

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The list can go on and on and become quite prominent. The most common thing that all these diseases have is the body attacks itself instead of the real threats that are there. It is essential to understand the environment that causes these disorders to find the best cure that is not just strong medicine switching off the immune system and thus making the body more prone to real threats. One needs to restore the body balance that we looked previously here. From the tests, it is worth also checking vitamins, etc. levels to understand if something is lacking or too much. Many of my patients needed a multivitamin, B12, vitamin D, etc. that are anti-inflammatory.

It is clear that only with diet changes it is not possible to address the underlying cause of any autoimmune disease, but there is no doubt that it has positive results and is part of reinforcing better results.


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