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Increase in the alcohol consumption is nothing new. Throughout the history, it has been a problem in many countries all over the world, but this century there are also many people who don’t even see its negative effect. Also, hormonal imbalance and other negative hormone influence is nothing uncommon. This time we will address muscle metabolism that is an important aspect of overall health. Let’s reveal the mystery together!

Negative alcohol influence

  • Cardiovascular functions
  • Thermoregulation
  • Metabolism
  • Neural functions

Alcohol also has a direct negative impact on hormones that have a big role in muscle metabolism. We will be looking especially for alcohol and female hormones.

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Importance of hormones:

  • Production
  • Use
  • Energy storage
  • Reproduction
  • Maintenance of the internal environment
  • Growth
  • Development[1]


Hormones require balanced amount and timing to function properly. Ethanol is a substance that can cause numerous problems and affect different aspects of metabolism by impairing “hepatic gluconeogenesis and subsequent glucose output and storage.”[2] A study also shows impaired alcohol and protein synthesis. There are some people believing alcohol and muscle growth myth, but, hopefully, awareness is raising. The main findings of the study prove that “protein synthesis and resulting muscle hypertrophy appear to be directly affected by ethanol.”2 Furthermore, more alcohol can also decrease the level of testosterone that is one of the hormones that is important for the body. If there is less testosterone in the blood, there is also less protein synthesis, leading to atrophy. It is clear that effects of alcohol after a workout or before are not good. Every specialist should inform especially athletes and sports professionals.

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What is protein synthesis?

It is an important process transforming any consumed foods into muscles. Of course, it is not always successful. The process happens when muscles have micro tears from sufficient resistance training. With protein synthesis, these tears are repaired with stronger muscle fibers. Nevertheless, it also doesn’t mean that simply consuming Balance Cellular Phytonutrient Protein supplement and others will fix the problem with the whole hormone and protein balance. Alcohol and muscle recovery should always be addressed by a professional.



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