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We were already looking at how green tea can help for metabolism and body weight, so this time we will look at how the right approach with multivitamins and minerals can help with both of these aspects that are equally important.

Of course, first, we have to realize that it is not as easy to lose weight by merely taking some magic pills or buying metabolism vitamins in Walmart. But the good news is that there are some vitamins for weight loss and energy as well as minerals that can also help for metabolism. A well-balanced diet can help the body to have all the necessary vitamins and minerals but that is not that easy, and some people are struggling with how the body is absorbing them.

It is also essential that a person finds well-developed research about a specific supplement because many of them are lacking them. That means that the product doesn’t have enough evidence that it is among supplements to speed up metabolism.

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What does research say about supplements for metabolism?

One of the research shows energy metabolism and blood-flow doing cognitive tasks modulated by multivitamins and minerals. Tasks had different difficulties to show results that are more objective. The tested subjects were females (25-49 years). They were not selected by any nutritional specifications. Some of them received placebo but others – doses of multivitamins and minerals. Experts looked for such parameters as total energy expenditure, carbohydrate, and fat oxidation. The time of testing was eight weeks. The results showed that “the first dose of micronutrients led to a dose-dependent increase in total energy and FatOxi throughout the post-dose assessment period following the higher dose, and increases in the total concentration of haemoglobin, a proxy measure for CBF, during task performance following the lower dose of vitamins/minerals.”[1] There were also no harmful effects on mood or cognitive performance. Results showed that supplementation with micronutrients could have good results for metabolic parameter modulation.

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What some supplements or vitamins are not the ones that promote weight loss?

There still is a lack of research to talk about numerous supplements and their influence on weight. The particular view is also something that National Institutes of Health have already stated.[2] Only a professional health specialist like a certified nutritionist can help to address what kind of supplements or vitamins can help to boost metabolism and lose weight. For some of my patients, Balance B12 supplement helped for energy and weight loss followed. But anyone needs to be aware not only what vitamins they should take to speed up their metabolism or weight loss, but also underlying heal problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. With the right approach, multivitamins and minerals can help.

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