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I have experienced that many women who come to my office have tried different diets that still don’t seem to have fixed their weight problems. You might think that they have used unreliable sources or haven’t followed the guidelines. However, in reality, it is not always the case. That’s why I want to talk about anti-inflammatory weight loss diet that can show way better results. Inflammation is a critical aspect that needs more attention.

There is no diet including 1200 calorie diet, allergy diet, etc. entirely solves the weight gain problem. The same goes for exercise. Of course, we know that exercising is good for the body. The focus points to successful weight loss results are brain and stress. Stress triggers cortisol that leads to inflammation peak.

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The new program draws attention to three things:

1. Food

Of course, that is important what you eat. To lose weight and stop inflammation you need to increase the consumption of good fats, eliminate unnecessary carbs and those foods that cause inflammation for you.

2. Movement

Exercising is also useful to help to avoid rapid weight gain and inflammation. More importantly is to look at its connection to the brain.  Moderate exercise might be the best for most of the people. Exercising can involve 45-60 minutes of cardio, e.g., 3x per week of jogging or walk.

3. Comfort

The emotional side is also essential for weight loss. It is especially important to understand that stress and negative emotions are not suitable for brain function. Stress itself triggers cortisol (“stress hormone”) and thus controlling the immune response. Lower stress helps to lower inflammation. Sleep is also very crucial for getting inflammation and weight under control. A study shows that sleeping less than eight hours per night is linked to weight gain. Good sleep can also help to balance hormones and boost the immune system in the right direction.

As fat cells contribute to chronic inflammation, a weight gain only follows. Fat cells expand to store extra calories. As there is already inflammation in the body, these fat cells are inflammation factories because they are sending signals to the immune system. There is no doubt that inflammation is linked to weight gain. One of the studies based on several previous studies that “measured at least one obesity-related inflammatory marker.” Furthermore, the conclusion is that “weight loss does improve inflammation.”[1]

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Only a professional evaluation can help to understand what is triggering inflammation and weight gain. It is possible that the body lacks some of the nutrients for the balance and immune system supplements like Balance Zinc-Zn can be a beneficial help. The right focus taking into account the brain as it controls a lot of body functions including its reaction will bring successful results.


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