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Previously you could read about women’s unique weight loss needs, but now is the time to address five steps of weight loss program. To lose weight might be especially topical after the Christmas celebrations where people eat a lot and want to try everything. For some, it is also a New Year’s resolution to get some extra pounds away. It is not an easy task but here is some step-by-step weight loss program that with professional adjustments and attention should work.

One of the basis is to burn more calories than you get from the meal as well as additional physical activity. These things should be in the balance to help for weight loss goals.

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What are the benefits of weight loss?

  • Modified eating habits (e.g., eating healthy breakfast on daily basis)
  • Increased physical activity (e.g., walking)
  • Watching less TV
  • Weight them more attentively[1]

These are the possible steps to losing weight in 2 weeks (but for some it might take more time or other advancements)

  1. Setting goals that you can stick to

Even short-term goals are very important including small lifestyle changes like walking more or reducing eating out. Body Mass Index (BMI) is one additional number that you might need to address to understand how much is too much and where to go from there.

  1. Assessing how much and what you eat

I have experienced that many women are thinking about their steps to lose weight at home, but they don’t even know how much particularly they are eating. You cannot be successful to keep your weight away or lose some if you don’t know what is in the food that you eat, for example, when ordering some fast food.

  1. Adjusting portion sizes

Anyone can eat too much when there is too much served. Small portions and slower eating are healthier.

  1. Balancing eating with physical activity

A body needs help also with physical activities to burn calories. Healthy eating and any physical activity (walking, running, working out, etc.) are good when there is a balance.

  1. Reducing sodium, added sugar (read about sugar impact on metabolism here), sodium

Foods that are rich in calories also have high saturated, etc. fat that is not good for anyone. You can always find some good substitutions that might be the first step to losing weight naturally with avoiding different artificial products, processed foods, etc. Detoxification is also a good thing including Balance-Cleanse You supplement that also supports the immune system, have enough phytonutrients, macronutrients, etc. You can read about nutrient function here.

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Weight loss is a journey, and with professional help, including functional nutrition, it can be successful. The first step to losing weight fast might be something else that you imagined and requiring much longer time, but it is worth for health and self-esteem.


[1] NWCR Facts. Accessed from: http://www.nwcr.ws/Research/default.htmrel=”nofollow”

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