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It is not a secret that weight loss for women can be very challenging. They require much additional help. In my experience, more than a half of women have had some problems to lose weight or maintain the weight number that they like. The whole case with women in even more special.

Some might succeed in cutting the calories, but still, the weight comes back. Nobody wants that but that for women it is very common. Each case of weight loss problems is individual, but still, there are some common patterns.

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Women’s weight loss complexities to pay attention:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional

Fitness programs are not focusing on all of them so you can say that they are unique and analyzed by other specialists including functional nutrition specialists.

I have numerous examples I could talk about why even the best diets for women’s weight loss might not be working. Look at one of my female clients. She had tried different diets for many years, including juice cleanses, detoxification, additional workout, but still, after some time, she regained the weight back. She felt like she is torturing her body.

Biological reasons

For many women losing weight can be much harder. It has a lot to do with metabolism (how many calories burn). The influence of this process also is the activity (or non-activity) and food. People with more muscles have a higher metabolism, and we know that muscle mass is more common for men. The body can store some extra calories as muscle even without additional exercise, which is a biological factor. Testosterone level plays a big role in how much is stored as fat and women have about 10% more of it than men.[1]

More critical and less compassionate nature towards yourself

This negativity also means that women put more attention on how they look than men. This one unique aspect also makes them crave to find rapid weight loss tips and other solutions to look good and see results faster. Self-criticism also leads to too much exercising and bad dieting.

Hormonal factors

Menstruation is just one aspect that influences weight because it changes the whole hormone levels. Hormone’s (e.g., estradiol, progesterone) also influence fluid body retention (read more in the research of Nina S. Stachenfeld, Ph.D.).

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Weight loss is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that it is not achievable. You just need to have a good professional help to find diets for women’s weight loss and other approaches. If no serious underlying cause makes problems to lose weight, some good natural weight loss tips might do the trick. However, for others, there might be a need for Balance B12 supplement that helps to produce energy, get enough nutrients, strengthen the immune system (here you can read how to support immune system during the flue season), and give a good detoxification, and other possibilities to deal with individual weight loss needs. Next, you can read x steps for successful weight loss program.



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