Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutritionist – Microbes and Diseases: Has Depression and Anxiety something to do with Bacteria?

Previously you could see that connection between dental cavities and bacteria. If that wasn’t surprising enough, you could keep reading about depression and anxiety with a connection to bacteria. Mental illnesses in the recent years have become more topical in various parts of the world. So this aspect needs some closer look if there is something a person or specialist can do.

First, it might seem unclear how bacteria can even affect any mood. Understanding of bacteria and mental illness is recent. Doctors now are trying to find more about infectious microbes that influence behavior.

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What kind of behavior can bacteria influence?

  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Fear of water, etc.

An interesting finding is from researchers who have tested rodents and Toxoplasma gondi that takes away their fear of cats. They also found out that intestinal disorders from microbes have a connection to depression and anxiety as well as other mental problems.

We need to look closer to the vagus nerve that is between the gut and the brain. Sometimes as a depression treatment is for this nerve stimulation. As for the future treatment, we should think more about the possibility to use manipulations of gut microbes because there is a connection. Certain types of bacteria can help even the depression at once because as you could see in one of the previous articles about acne and bacteria, there is an undeniable connection that some people doesn’t pay attention.

Some other way – probiotics and anxiety relief

Some of the recent research shows “that probiotics may dampen signals that come from the gut and go to the brain when you’re afraid or anxious.”[1] Some tests on mice show that a probiotic bacteria (e.g., in yogurt), lowered “behaviors associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.”1 Regarding people who took probiotics, the results showed less activity in the brain that has to do with sensation and processing. To understand and find best probiotics for mood, it still needs research about whether taking probiotic supplements or products can help by changing the bacteria balance and thus also making a person feel less stress or even cure depression.

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Don’t run to a shop to buy a yogurt to relax but if you feel that you might have some emotional imbalance, it is better to search for professional help. Chen Ben Asher, a board-certified nutrition specialist, has experience in various supplements and other aspects to find what could be the cause and provide successful treatment options. Further, we can look at how bacteria affect diabetes.


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