Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Win Your Health Lesson 6: Mind and Body Connection

Previously we looked at detoxification and its impact on the body so now it’s time to move to something else. The mind is an important part of every functional human being. That’s why the 6th lesson of 7 is about mind and body connection.

This is an important aspect because for me as a Board certified nutritionist, I have witnessed various examples of women complaining about their problems to concentrate or do some other daily tasks just cause their brain doesn’t seem to work as they should. You might also know the quote “healthy mind and healthy body.” I have to agree with it because these two things are more connected than it might seem at first. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can lose weight just by thinking in mind that you want to achieve it. Your attitude and belief is important, but that doesn’t mean that there is no other way how to deal with health problems. A great example is mental problems.

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Possible healthy mind and body connection problem triggers:

  • Hormonal misbalance
  • Stress
  • Detox system
  • Hormones
  • Immune system
  • Energy system
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • Alcohol
  • Excessive caffeine consumption
  • Nutrition, etc.

So a healthy mind in a healthy body meaning is that you cannot have a healthy mind without threating, healing the body to the state that it is fully functional and doesn’t cause a severe additional problem to different body parts. There is no clear healthy mind definition because this phrase is not found in the most common dictionaries. One of the ways how to explain it more scientifically is that it

 “includes a presence of intellectual curiosity and a sense of fostering creativity and critical thinking. It is awareness and acceptance of feelings and includes the degree to which a person feels positive and enthusiastic about one’s self and one’s purpose, value and meaning for life.”[1]


Tips for healthy mind

  • Find time to relax actively (forget about just sitting on the couch and drinking a glass of wine!)
  • Manage your sleep
  • Exercise (this helps to deal with stress chemicals, etc.!)
  • Manage diet (avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugars, etc.)
  • Don’t forget about nutrients and multivitamins (some supplements might come in handy for more efficient treatment)

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Every change and mind and body connection exercises need professional health specialist attention. You saw the answer to what are some ways you can improve mind-body connection, but that doesn’t mean that they will work for each case. You can make small changes in your everyday life to make a big difference, but one needs to understand that mind and body connection psychology is rather complicated and before making drastic changes it is better to trust professionals. Everyone can look at healthy body, healthy mind tips to evaluate their daily habits. Next you can read about energy and stress influence on your body.


Stay healthy,

Chen Ben Asher


[1] Healthy Mind. Accessed from:”nofollow”

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