Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Win Your Health Lesson 1: Environmental Impact

The aim is to enhance anyone’s health. That’s why as a Board-certified nutrition specialist, I want to provide more in-depth insight in 7 win your health lessons. The first is an environmental impact something that is understandable and yet there are still mane wrong assumptions. So, how does your environment affect you? There is more to know that you might think.

One of the top wrong assumptions is that you can “get” a disease (diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.) from the environment. It is true that there are many places where you can find different germs that can lead to infections or some chronic diseases like public bathrooms, restaurants, your own home, etc. places. These places and impacts WebMD, public health experts call “dirty dozen,” but that doesn’t mean that they are the cause of all diseases. Scientists are searching for magic pills, e.g., antibiotics that could kill all the germs.

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Anyone’s the environment has a much more significant impact on the health.

Personal environmental impact triggers:

  • Diet (lack of vitamins, oversaturation with sugars, etc.)
  • Stress (work, family, society, money, etc.)
  • Traumas (e.g., a knee injury that keeps reminding itself)
  • Radiation (from food, drinks, walls, etc., read more at International Atomic Energy Agency about Radiation in Everyday Life)
  • Exercising (unbalanced, too much, improper eating after, loss of regular stretching, etc.)
  • Toxins (in food, water, and air)

How does environment affect human health is a question everyone should ask themselves to understand the importance of the daily life choices. Also, the impact of environmental pollution on human health can be severe. It is worth following that these triggers can have a different effect on different people. Mostly it has to do with genotype. Thus examples of environmental health problems can be tackled and even fixed with the right attention to the environmental impact. So if you ask “what types of environmental factors that affect health,” the general answer is “every.”

What you can do for environmental health problems and concerns:

  • Balance water, light, air
  • Consume enough nutrients
  • Balance pH, zinc, etc. levels
  • Eat qualitative diet (a nutrition specialist can help!)
  • Asses stressors in your life

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These are factors that promote environmental health problems and concerns. Next, you can read about how your gut and digestive health influences the overall well-being. It is essential for everyone to understand the importance of environmental inputs that is a part of functional medicine. The list of environmental factors affecting wellbeing doesn’t end at what is listed. Take care of your environment and health! Up next read about gut and digestive health.


Best of luck and health,

Chen Ben Asher

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