Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Why Do I Crave for Certain Foods?

Every person might have experienced some magical push towards certain foods in certain times of the day or before some activities. Each case is different, but it is important to understand why people crave for certain foods. It is also one of the threats for weight gain, sleeping problems, and others.

Craving for food meaning is that these are urges to eat some foods that stir out of healthy balance.

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Why am I craving so much food possible causes:

  • Bacterial (get to know more about healthy bacterial flora here)
  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Emotional

First of all, we can talk about bacteria from which many of them like crave sugar. That can lead to candida overgrowth. So they are the reason why you might experience need to go to a fridge or only take a chocolate bar. One of the solutions is eating pro-biotic foods and take down on the consumption of refined sugars. Anti-fungal qualities also have lauric acid that is in coconut oil or using supplements that contain this acid.

How emotional and physical craving influence how I crave for certain foods?

Next attention is to physical craving that can occur for everyone because we are humans who like to eat. People need to have fun and relax, but many find it only with alcohol and junk food. This aspect also comes close the emotional cause. You might have heard about food cravings before period like the desire just to sit and eat the whole chocolate bar. It seems that many people use sugar-rich and another kind of unhealthy food to cover their negative emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, etc.

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Also, nutrition cravings need additional attention. Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher wants to draw attention to the fact that many people have the misconception that they are eating enough food, and it contains everything they need. In reality, the body might lack some essential nutrients, causing malnutrition (lack of vitamins, minerals, etc.). Did you also know that food cravings in early pregnancy and also other times can be because of lack of magnesium? The best way how to absorb enough is with different supplements that include magnesium.

Each person needs to understand their craving and is it a cover for something else. There are numerous food cravings chart sources and other information from professionals that can help to look at why you crave for certain foods. Food cravings during pregnancy same as food cravings before period are quite common and one needs to understand that there is something more to it. Also, there is a big difference between craving and natural hunger. You can make yourself feel better, lose some pounds and even avoid some more serious health problems if you give enough attention to needs and other lifestyle choices.

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