Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – Can Supplements Support with Inflammation and Weight?

Inflammation same as weight is challenging for many people. The results take a long time, so people need to have patience in their choices and determination not to fall back into their bad habits. Can supplements help? If they are used and monitored by professionals, it might be an excellent addition to support a person’s aims and health.

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The most common support are multivitamin and mineral supplements that can help to add the lacking substances that you don’t get enough from the food. The most useful for the body and especially immune system are B1, B2, B3, and B6 vitamins. Also Omega-3 fatty acid (fish oil) supplement is a good option if you don’t like to eat fish or there is some other reason why you don’t consume enough of fatty acids. They are crucial not only to avoid inflammation and weight gain but also to deal with these problems when they are already onset.

On a daily basis, there are also levels of magnesium, calcium, vitamin D that are important. Especially vitamin D deficiency can decrease weight loss and promote inflammation. An additional test of D level can help to tackle that. According to experts, the normal D vitamin level is “between 50 and 70 ng/dl.”[1] Of course, you can obtain this vitamin via the sun, but especially in winter, it might be very challenging. Also for people who have office jobs, it would be smart to measure D vitamin levels.

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Before making any dietary or supplementation choices, consult me, and we can find the best plan to tackle weight and possible inflammation. It takes knowledge and devotion to get out of this circle. Otherwise, taking supplements without clear picture what exactly the body is missing, you might have bigger problems and go further from the solution. You can also read more about inflammation to understand if inflammation making problems to lose weight. In a case of any doubt, it is worth to go at least for a consultation.

You can get it even for free to know where you are and where to go from there. With the right approach and supplements, in a couple of weeks, you can be like a whole new person. Weigh needs a proper understanding that it has not only to do with outlooks, but also the inner health that is even more important. After fixing inflammation or other underlying problems, weight loss won’t be just a dream.

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