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Summer is a time when more and more people think about their body and how to make it possible to look and feel their best. Inflammation can be a good thing for helping to heal the body after an injury and in some other cases, but otherwise, there are many adverse effects. Some of them also have to do with weight. Inflammation effects are real and need more attention.

One of the research, published in PubMed, US National Library of Medicine, analyzed data about weight loss impact on inflammation in the people who are overweight and obese. Apart from that, these people were healthy.

Apart from that, there was a classification in:
  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Diet and physical activity
  • Surgical interventions

These methods can and are used to have weight loss, but that is not that easy. As the research showed, “all studies measured at least one obesity-related inflammatory marker (ORIM).”[1]  From studies it is clear that inflammation effects have a connection to weight and other health issues. The main finding was that weight loss could positively influence inflammation and their markers. ORIM improvements r in those who experienced weight loss of at least 10%. Further research can help to estimate how much time it takes to have the development of inflammation in the long term. You can also read about foods that can help to fight inflammation to get an idea what you have been doing wrong and what to ask a health specialist.

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Otherwise, inflammation can become chronic and bring various other problems that will take even more time to deal with them. There are also some

common indications that might be due to high inflammation levels:
  • Excess fat around waist
  • High blood glucose
  • Digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.)
  • Fatigue
  • Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, red, blotchy, etc. skin.)
  • Gum disease
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog

The thing is that immune system can be sensitive to different foods that might even be harmless like eggs, peanut butter or substances like latex, pollen. Too much sugar is something that many people understand that is not good for the body but will still consume. It is also a big trigger to a harmful inflammation. The next step can be chronic illnesses that are even less pleasant than an excessive fat.

An easy explanation about how fat and inflammation is that when you gain weight, “some fat cells expand beyond their capacity while trying to do their job storing our extra calories as fat. When this happens, they turn on and add to the inflammation already present in our bodies.”[2] So fat cells become like inflammation factories that activate the immune system. Weight loss is important because it helps to shrink these cells and turn the signals off. Inflammation effects are just another small step to achieve it.


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