Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – How Can I Get Rid of My Migraines?

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Hi and welcome again to mor-nutrition & more. This is Chen Ben Asher your local nutritionist here in Silicon Valley and today’s topic is ‘What are Migraines’ and the reason i am putting this video in place is after hearing two of my best friends claiming that migraines are unnatural way of going through menopausal period of time, this is one of the side effects of being menopausal.

The fact is that it’s not true and we can do a lot in order to lower or even going through this period of time with zero migraines, if we are taking care of our very looking……  So hopefully this short video will give you some clue of how to support yourself suffering from migraines.

What Are Migraines?

Okay so what are migraines? Migraines are not headaches Migraines are ……..  …….. to headache that covered the whole head, Migraines will be in only one part of the head. They will last in between four hours to three days and they will vanish with no treatment. It is affect ten percent of Americans, mainly women’s will suffer with migraines.

Symptoms associate with migraines are obviously intense pain and this pain will increase with physical activity or intense movement. It may be presented as well with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound and also inability to open eyes.

Mechanically we can say it is a chemical reaction or if you will electronical wave that move across the head or across the brain visual cortex. It is involve the central nerve system and it is ……… through electronical pulses that stimuli the pain signals when we are not balance or if there is not enough nutrient to balance this electrical wave.

What May Can Be The Root Cause of Your Migraines?

So when we were looking at the brain electronical wave, we are talking about the a complex of neurological chain reaction, which activating the Ion channels in our body and the five areas that can affect our Ion channel reaction and therefore our electrical waves in the brain are:-

  1. Metabolic Acidosis: The Metabolic Acidosis which basically regulate between magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium inside and outside of our cells and a lot of times it too much of one component as suppose to the other one which take you off balance and create that type of presentation.
  2. Hormonal Imbalances: Hormones are mainly functioning on nutrients availability and Ion concentration, again if we are off any of those components then migraines can be absolutely presented and therefore or the main reason why women will suffer more with migraines while they were going through hormonal changes.
  3. Digestive Challenges: Digestive challenges will bring also or will increase the risk for migraines and the reason is there is a big communication and a huge communication we know that more and more between the gut and the brain based on the same channel/ pathways and we need to make sure that the digestive process is in place mechanically so nutrients can be absorbing properly and the body will not suffer from deficiencies or access.
  4. Food Sensitivity or Allergies: Food sensitivity or food allergy is another negative contributor to the Ion channels, imbalances and Environmental toxins
  5. Environmental Toxins

Which i am not going to expand in this video about how that can happen but definitely future videos can be done i will do that but you know looking at the migraines you have to look at the metabolic acidosis, the hormone disturbance, digestive challenges, the food allergy and sensitivity and environmental, and if you looking at my service as a nutritionist obviously one of the key fundamental services that i am providing is food sensitivity task and of course balancing your hormones do to that fact if at all you are off balance.

Inflammation Links to Migraines

Inflammation also links to migraines, it’s not just the complex neurological chain reaction that effect our migraines but also inflammation. So, when we have inflammation presented in our body then more Cytokines will be produced.

Cytokines are chemical molecules that are driven base on the essential fats in our body and they are presenting and dominant in higher volume with those individuals that suffer from migraines compare to those who are not and also among kids that suffer from migraines which is very surprising to find kids that suffer from migraines but kids can also suffer from migraines but then we need to look at the level of Cytokines and where it is presented and based on that inflammation can like located how to manage those intensive pain.

But going back in to the pro- inflammatory Cytokines productions some of those Cytokines are:

  1. IL-1 Beta
  2. TNF-Alfha
  3. PGE-2

Which all basically will increase the level of the pro inflammatory chemicals and these chemicals will stimuli the brain and the nerve system to that point of electrical waves coming across and this is basically the presentation of pain the intense pain that associate with migraines.

So, we definitely want to look now just on the complex neurological pathways that are presented in our body but also level of inflammation as well, we want to have a very strong immune system, we wanna have a immune system that know how to repair, that knows how to neutralize all those …………… reactions or all those negative triggers to come down the system …….. in a process of soft production of those Cytokines that basically stimuli the nerve system in the brain.

So basically, looking at the inflammation and level of Cytokines circulated in our blood is also part of that holistic approach of managing migraines.

Health Is More Than An Absence of A Disease

To summarize today’s topic i would like to say that the health is more than an absence of disease and migraines are a signal of our body representing some place somewhere imbalance and the imbalance can be either one of those Ion channel pathways that had been mention earlier before and or inflammation and it could be more than one system that is not in place that basically creating those over stimuli of electronical waves that represents as a migraine or intense pain in the brain.

So, this is kind of like the information you want to gather for yourself so you understand that you do have the power to make those changes because once you close the nutritional gap for example or you are improving digestion, or improving immune system to repair and recover and there is no good reason to suffer from migraines because the body does not need to shut out load and stayed a head something is not balance here and take care of it.

So, this the power we have in functional nutrition and i do hope that, that type of very short video will help you to take the right measurement and take the right steps to balance your body first but then reduce the days and the hours that you are suffer from intense pain, really there is no good reason to suffer from such pain even though you are a woman going into or through hormonal changes.

So, I hope that was helpful you are more than welcome to contact us for a further questions or clarification that will be more than happy to do that our website is


And through us an e-mail if you have a question and I will be more than happy to help and i am looking forward to seeing you on the next video.

Have a great day, be healthy.


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