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Summer is a great time to find more motivation to lose some weight to look and feel better. It might be hard, that’s why it is important to look for some professional help with a personal slimdown plan and to help to follow it.

Exercising and healthy eating is the primary aspects of every plan. And also it takes time for results to show up, so you need to keep going. And even if you start losing fat, it is tricky as also suggests that “if you lose more than two pounds per week you risk losing muscle tissue.”[1]

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Increase metabolism

Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher in a lot of cases of her patients have noticed that their metabolism is rather slow and they have few but big meals. To increase metabolism, you need to have more frequent and smaller meals. Do six meals per day seem a lot? Actually, in most of the cases, it is optimum. The next step is evaluating how much each food has proteins and carbohydrates. The plan should be optimized to how much and how often they are needed. Less planning for salads and leafy vegetables. You can also boost yourself with some fruits after workouts. It is also important to remember that eating foods low in calories will slow metabolism down. So starving is not an option here. You can even go for some cheat day as it will activate the body to work harder to burn the extra calories. Not to forget to mention all the nice feeling you will get after having some sweet dessert! It will motivate even to the hardest workout as long as you will get some occasional treat.

Develop meal plan

It is easier to write down a plan for every day to follow something you need, including not only meals but also workouts. Only professional nutrition and health specialists can do it. Later is up to you how you adjust it to your schedule but it shouldn’t take that much time. You can include some cheat meal once a week or even a day off let’s say after eight weeks – whatever works to keep you motivated and not to lose all the progress.

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To lose some weight during summer is the best time to do it because the body doesn’t need that much food and you should be craving more for fruits and other natural foods that keep staying hydrated. It is also important not to fall back to the same old habits that might be hard. An additional motivation is crucial to make slimdown possible.


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