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A lot of people struggle with weight not only in America. In the busy daily life, it is not easy to follow how much you eat and exercise but it is important for various reasons. If you feel like you don’t feel your best, it is time to consider some solutions for it. One of them is to decide how much you want to lose your body weight and how to achieve it. Lose weight and that will help to achieve better feeling and look!

Setting goals are important as you will know what to stick. You should also pay attention to limitations and be realistic. It is not possible to lose 30 pounds in one week no matter how hard you work out so take time and focus on long-term results.

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Calorie tracking

For a good solution, it is important to track everything you consume, including beverages. That might take some time to calculate, but it is worth it. Some special food logs and nutrition trackers are a useful help. They even show goals, how much food is consumed, take into account exercising and how much calories are left to burn. You cannot lose fat if your calories are not burned, or you take even more than you get rid! Even a slight change in 50-100 calories can make a difference.

Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher wants to remind that limiting calories might also not be efficient as it also depends on how much of them get absorbed. That has to do with metabolism. It is better to choose a professional nutrition specialist help to measure it. Also, if you lose more than 2 pounds per week or more, that might not be that good, because it might be that you are losing your muscle mass. Additional supplementation and other adjustments are crucial.

Shorten breaks between workouts and sleep more

Any exercises will be more effective if you won’t take long breaks. High-insensitivity training even for 10 minutes is worth more than 30 minutes slower pace training with more breaks. This shorter break technique will motivate the body to burn the fat more intensively.

Sleeping less slows down metabolism and also changes hormones. Mostly it means that testosterone release is the lover that affects the fat burning. Lack of sleep also triggers being hungry.

Consume more fiber

It might take time with changing the diet to more fiber, but it is worth it as they will help the body to achieve a better shape and also suppress the appetite. They also help to “lower your cholesterol levels, improve your blood glucose control.”[1]

These are only some of general guidelines that shouldn’t be a professional advice that fits everyone. You can also read more about how to lose weight for summer and to maintain your plan, but always choose to use a specialist help first. To lose weight might be challenging but not impossible.


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