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Who doesn’t want to look and feel good in the beachwear or simply walking around? If you feel that whatever you are doing isn’t providing the results you want, perhaps it is time to think about some professional help? We are here to provide the best supplements and evaluation of everyone’s needs. Check out more of summer body solutions that might inspire you to search for a professional help!

You probably know that targeted training can help to stimulate and build the muscles that are needed but do you know that is also important to help muscles to recover and avoid nutritional gaps? Quality supplementation is a great choice that a Board certified nutrition specialist like Chen Ben Asher can help.

First of all, to avoid any problems, it is important to understand that supplementation is just for additional help and cannot work alone and without a professional suggestion in each case. Some people might still think that supplementation is only for a poor diet that is lacking nutrients. To achieve good results, it is important to anyone’s diet as it is crucial for body fat loss as well as muscle building.

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Whey protein

When protein is useful as it “has a high biological value and is extremely convenient to take.”[1] You can use it post-workout or even with meals.


It is possible that you have heard about this supplement from athletes who use it. Creatine helps to increase strength and muscle size (lean muscle mass). You might have experience when after a hard workout energy levels plummet and muscles look flatter. Creatine can solve it, and you will have the necessary energy to work out more. Did you know that creatine naturally is produced in such organs as pancreas, liver, and kidneys? The body primary uses it for cellular function, not muscle growth. So this supplement can be useful for its full benefits for the body shape too.

Omega-3 fish oil

Most of the people know and believe in the benefits of Omega-3 that you can obtain in different ways. Fish oil supplement provides the purest and most condensed amount of this essential fatty acid. It can help to a physical state of the body as only if it is healthy, you can hope for weight loss and some muscles. Omega-3 helps to “support blood circulation to allow nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates to reach muscle and exert their effects.”1 If you are struggling with your weight, this supplement can help to maximize the metabolic rate. This way even if you are still having a hard time to say no to some chocolate or do enough workout, your body will be able to burn unnecessary things faster.

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Just remember to choose a specialist consultation first to understand if this supplement will be useful in a particular case. You can also choose some fruits for your summer body.


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