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Summer is the time of the season when everyone is thinking how to be fit and healthy. It means that summer can be a great motivator to work out and eat healthily. Summer fruits that are healthy and low-calorie can be a great help.

Eating vitamins and minerals from fruits is a great way how to deal with cravings for food. They also contain more than 80% of water, so it helps to stay hydrated. Do you even know how much water you need per day? And take into account that in summer the body uses liquids much faster. Here is the list of some of the best fruits suggested by the Bodybuilding.com[1] that is American online retailer, which specializes in dietary, sports and bodybuilding supplements. Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher reminds not to forget that these fruits might not be suitable for everyone and this is a general observation.

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The ones who have a sweet tooth will love the sweet taste of blueberries. They are perfect to add to morning oats or some natural yogurt or anything that is not rich in calories. Blueberries also contain many useful nutrients like antioxidants, and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great helper to maintain the immune system. You can also found information like in the research published in The Journal of Nutrition that states that blueberries “improve insulin sensitivity, which could support a healthier glucose metabolism.”[2]



This fruit is a bit more exotic than blueberries. But it is valuable and contains way more vitamin C than an orange. It also has manganese for immune health and vitamin B that is a good source of energy for any summer fun and sports.



This fruit is also readily available in the stores when is the season. You can call it a classic because it is hard to imagine summer without eating at least one watermelon. It has around 90% water thus being also good for staying hydrated. But there also other things that might be less known like “amino acid is known as citrulline which can improve blood flow and decrease muscle fatigue and soreness.”[3]

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Use summer and fruits to be more active and healthy. These and other fruits are great pre-workout or simply high-calorie food replacer. For additional support, you can also read about supplements for fitness and healthrel=”nofollow”.


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