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Various supplements, especially green ones have a tendency to become more popular rapidly, but there are also a lot of misinformation and lack of knowledge from the potential buyers. It might seem so simple – just take a powder with the necessary fruits and veggies.

Problems of incorrect greens powder selection and use

Incorrectly used supplements can do harm to the health, especially regarding insulin sensitivity and muscle growth. First of all, they shouldn’t replace the daily consumption of natural food. On the other hand, you can also read more about greens powder benefits here.

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How to choose greens powders

Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher provides an approach that works: good greens powders need to add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as plant base protein like a pea, chia, rice, flaxseed & chlorella (algae to support liver detox). It is also important to understand that essential & non-essential amino acids support our daily protein requirements, regulate blood glucose and lipid levels. You can find well-developed supplements from Nutrition & More so check: https://mor-nutrition4life.com/product/balance-cellular-phytonutrient-protein/ or we can help to find the most suitable one.

One of the issues with greens powder is that it is hard to make a product that tastes and smells good as it is “a green superfood powder is many servings of vegetables and superfoods in a scoop of water-soluble powder.”[1] Manufacturers can choose to use harmful ingredients:

  • artificial sweeteners
  • sugar
  • emulsifiers or thickeners
  • artificial colors
  • non-organic or GMO ingredients1

Another problem with supplements also involving greens powders is that many companies don’t clearly formulate supplements to meet essential vitamin and mineral levels. A good supplement “lists out all the vitamins and minerals it contains in their total amounts—or at least in percentages relative to the recommended daily value—don’t look for them.”[2]  A supplement might say that it contains a green tea extract, but it doesn’t say how much exactly. The amount might be so small that it won’t give an effect. So you shouldn’t choose a supplement just because it mentions a fruit, a vegetable or a plant that you like.

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Greens powder or some other supplement are beneficial for the body but should be used only as an addition to whole food. If your diet consists of low-carbonate and a small amount of fruit or vegetable intake, greens supplements will come in handy. Just be careful with which supplements you choose. For better results be it weight loss, muscle building or some other, nutrition specialists are the ones that could help to select the best greens to supplement for every person. This way it is possible to avoid using products that are not safe, don’t provide any effects or even cause some bad impact.


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