Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – How Effective are “Greens Powders”?

Eating fruits and vegetables improves health as many people know. But not everything is as easy as it seems because not many people consume them enough and also they don’t even know how much they should consume. That is why there are other solutions to that can help with that. One of them is “Greens powders”. They are greens supplements that are becoming more and more popular on the market. That is why it is important to understand their effectiveness and the right way of using them to support the health and not to have a reverse effect.

Benefits of greens supplementation in decreasing:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • cancers (colon, prostate, breast, cervical, endometrial, gastric, lung, lymphoma, ovarian, pancreatic, thyroid)
  • high blood cholesterol and blood pressure
  • obesity
  • type 2 diabetes
  • stroke
  • eye disease
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • asthma
  • osteoporosis[1]

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Greens powders can help to restore pH balance. Various research has already proved it. One of them was published “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition“, where two-week supplementation with greens leads to significant improvement of urinary pH. Acid-base balance can be influenced by what you eat, and that is why supplements can be helpful. To maintain the balance between acidic foods like grains and dairy products and greens supplements that are alkaline same as green leafy vegetables. Unbalanced pH level can cause “decreased bone health, excessive cortisol, and slightly impaired thyroid function.”[2]

Which supplement brands to use?

One should choose brands carefully, especially so that they list all the vitamins and minerals they contain. All supplements are not equal, and it is important to look what they contain, for example, if he supplement contains green tea extract, it is important to know how much exactly it contains. If the supplement description says that a product has high oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC), it doesn’t mean much. As greens supplements include fruit and vegetable concentrates, ORAC is always high. Nutrition & More provides qualitative supplements (here) that are to be used with supervision of Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher. Some offers include Candida Microflora Support, Balance-Mineral Foundation, Balance-Conjugated Linoleic Acid and various other.

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Supplements can be helpful to balance the body with enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that they are not a replacement of eating fruits and vegetables. They are like a supporter that can be beneficial when traveling or on other occasions with limited access to clean and fresh food. If the diet already includes, for example, ten servings of fruits and vegetables, there is less need to have additional greens powders or other supplements. Nutrition specialists can help to establish the necessity and right amounts of different foods and supplements for a better result.


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