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It is important to understand from the beginning that low cholesterol level is as bad as having a high cholesterol level. There are numerous harmful effects that can result in more severe health problems as low cholesterol dangers. That is why it is important to understand more about the low cholesterol dangers to any person.

Probably rarely who knows the fact that too low cholesterol (below 160 mg/dl), according to a meta-analysis from the National Institute of Health[1], increases the death rate in older individuals by 10%-20%. Also, levels below 160 mg/dl (and more specifically below 140 mg/dl) have some connections depression, cancer, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, behavior problems and other more or less severe health disorders.

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Importance of cholesterol

Cholesterol itself is crucial for hormones as the body is incapable of making them without it. This also includes all sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc.) as well as adrenal and other hormones that are essential for optimal health. You can read more about hormones and their importance here.

Cholesterol is also in the brain where it makes up to 70% of brain’s myelin. Myelin is the protective coating around our nerve cells. Without it, the brain and nervous system do not function properly. Research show that disturbances in myelin lead to sclerosis and other brain problems. It also has connections to Parkinson’s disease as well as mental health disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar, eating disorders, depression, and others. Cholesterol is of vital importance to our body cell function. No wonder that cholesterol is called “brain food.” Dr. Kurt Woeller[2], who is a specialist in biomedical autism intervention and medical physician highlights some of the most common increased risks that come with low cholesterol level.


Low Cholesterol risks of:

  • cancer
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • suicide
  • anxiety
  • infections
  • eye problems like cataracts
  • a rate in older individuals
  • violent and aggressive behavior

The list can always be continued. Board certificated nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher notes that it is also important to note various reasons that can lead to low cholesterol like:

  • low dietary intake
  • poor digestive absorption
  • malnutrition
  • high iron in a condition called Hemochromatosis
  • manganese deficiency
  • chronic infections such as virus and parasites

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A person can regain the cholesterol level naturally, but among the best ways is to take supplementation. Cholesterol deficiency is a serious issue that needs to have additional attention so a consultation might help to prevent some of the severe health problems. The whole issue is more complicated than eating high cholesterol diet as it lowers blood cholesterol for many people. It can have a link to consumption of excessive sugar products and carbohydrates. Only a professional can help to find the real reason and offer the best treatment.


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