Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – What You Need to Know about Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are available all around but are everything so easy? Some foods are more alkaline than others. Also, too much of them can do harm to the body. The ultimate goal is to balance pH levels, but there are also other health benefits that are good. There are different useful tips that can help to get the best out of alkaline foods or diet.

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  • It is possible to get body’s pH levels balanced not only eating alkaline foods. A Certain amount can and even should be acidic.
  • Natural whole foods like vegetables, fruits, natural grains are much better than GMO or some other special kind of foods
  • Alkaline foods contain different minerals and vitamins like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. You can read more about certain vitamins here.
  • For the ones who don’t like alkaline foods with a specific taste, a good choice will be to try different almonds. They are one of the healthiest foods for those who don’t have a food allergy because of them. Almonds help to lower cholesterol levels thus helping to lose weight, increase muscles. For those who like snacks a lot, this could be a good healthy replacement between meals.
  • Choosing the right drinks is also important. Carbonated water, soda, and energy drinks promote acidic pH, but most tap, spring, sea and river water is alkaline.
  • Not in all cases, this kind of diet or eating alkaline foods will have surprising effects. There is also scientific proof missing, and thus it creates confusion. It is suggested to do all the necessary tests to find out which alkaline foods if any are beneficial in a particular case.
  • Checking labels won’t do any harm. There is a big possibility that some vegetables or fruits are not as natural and healthy as it might seem from the first look. GMO products are readily available and they also visually look better than the average product. Good results also not possible if there are some snacking and other harmful things together with eating even the healthiest alkaline foods.

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There are various aspects regarding alkaline foods. At the same time, they have proved to help to lower the blood pressure, help to avoid chronic kidney disease and various more problems. At the same time, it is important to remember that nobody should choose to try living only on alkaline foods as they are not providing all the necessary ingredients to the body. A nutrition specialist can find the right approach for you, and you will know how much and what kind of alkaline foods. That’s how the result will definitely be faster and positive. The combination with the right exercises and other things will help also regarding weight loss and other things as alkaline level impacts more than majority of people think.

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