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Trying to eliminate gluten from your food consumption is a good solution for better health especially for those who have celiac or autoimmune disease. This approach can have a positive effect only if you do it right, so it is important to avoid any gluten mistakes and other problems.

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  • Not learning enough about foods that are gluten-free besides wheat

Many people know that gluten is a protein in wheat, but that is far from all. It can also be in rye, barley, oats and other harvests if there is used the same equipment to gather them. There is also hidden gluten. To spot it is much harder. Only a few people know that toothpaste can contain gluten. Also, you have to read food labels carefully.


  • Consuming gluten-free processed foods

There are gluten-free products accessible all around, but they are way less nutritious. These foods include cookies, crackers, bread that contain high levels of starch and sugar. They add to the blood sugar and can promote inflammation. Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher also notes that it is important to understand that some foods labeled as gluten-free can still contain up to 20 ppm (parts per million) of gluten. That is not enough to cause any effect from one meal, but eating in large amounts or every meal foods like bread, pasta or cereal, is enough to cause problems. The best way is to draw more attention to foods that are naturally gluten-free like nuts, seeds, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. You can read also more about cross contamination and hidden gluten to avoid them.


  • Forgetting about cosmetics, personal care products, vitamins, supplements

People should remember that gluten can access the body not only through eating. Personal care products and cosmetics are still absorbed in the skin. Eye and lip products that contain vitamin E can be “derived from wheat germ.”[1] Even prescription medicine needs throw attention. Gluten can be in every form including iron supplements and headache medication.


  • Not knowing about cross contamination

The amount of gluten that triggers a negative reaction is not that high as might seem. For those who have some celiac disease, it takes only 50 ppm of gluten. This kind of amount is in 1/100 piece of bread. Gluten-free food needs to be stored and prepared separately. This involves also using clean condiments like a new toaster if someone wants to prepare gluten-free bread, cutting boards, cooking surfaces, utensils. Extra careful you should be in restaurants and other places where you cannot clearly know about how the food is prepared. You can read more information about cross contamination here to help to avoid it.

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Gluten-free isn’t synonymous with healthy itself as it is just an addition to other food and lifestyle choices. The body still needs nutrients, vitamins, and others. There can be numerous gluten mistakes, but there is always a way out. A gluten-free lifestyle is not that challenging and can be delicious as everyone can explore and develop their ways how to avoid gluten.


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