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Finding ways how to cut on calories and to keep the carb counts is always topical. Food manufacturers are working to provide better solutions for people. New “hollow” sugar and net carbs are finding the way in the more global market. They can help to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels much easier.

What net carbs are

Net carbs are a type of carbohydrates that are digested. That’s why certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher notes that it is more important to count the net carbs not the total carbs:

Net carbs = total carbs (carbohydrates) – dietary fiber

Non-fiber carbs = fattening

Fiber carbs = not fattening[1]

However, one should avoid some low-carb products as the labels say that they are low-carb diet friendly such as alcohols artificially sweetened with sugar like maltitol, lactitol, etc. Manufacturers might not want that fiber, and alcohols have a minimal effect on blood sugar, but for some, it might raise the blood sugar. As an example is sugar alcohols that have a higher glycemic index but are not labeled as carbohydrates. Similar it is also with low-carb candies. It is possible to find more trustworthy information at Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Lower sugar choice

On the other hand, manufacturers try to find new ways how to cut on calories. Nestle, a transnational food and drink company from Switzerland, succeeded to reduce sugar content in their chocolate for 40%[2] without losing the taste. These products with new sugar will be available in 2018. They started to manufacture the new hollow sugar in 2015 and uses only the natural ingredients. The final product is still sugar but not an artificial sweetener. There are also other regulations and suggestions that can and need to be followed like the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s guidelines recommending people consume not more than ten teaspoons of sugar daily. Most of Americans consume 30-40 tablespoons a day.2 This number is way more than suggested.

Too much sugar causes various other problems like type 2 diabetes and even strokes and heart attacks. It is possible also to spot sugar taxes around the world that makes companies act to provide healthier food choices even for those who cannot resist having some chocolate bar or some other snack. As an example of tax is a Mexican soda tax introduced in 2014. That helped to cut sales of sugary beverages. The U.K. is also moving towards introducing this tax in 2018 as well as some U.S. cities.

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Lower sugar calories and the right amount of net carbs have a much better impact on health in the long term. We suggest you consult a specialist to find the right food choice.

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