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Chemotherapy and other radical medical treatment of cancer not always means that they are the most successful and the only solution. Success can also come from the combination of various therapies that are less invasive and thus also gives a possibility for the body to recover faster as well as have some other beneficial outcomes.

A successful example that supports the statement that it is possible to treat cancer with other methods successfully is from doctor Serge Jurasunas who has researched cancer for more than 35 years. Also, he states that chemotherapy can be useful in some cases, but in many cases, the body can be fully resistant to it like in a case of metastasis or P53 mutations. Further, he names problems that a patient is most likely have after experiencing chemotherapy: “cardiomyopathy, peripheral neuropathy, thrombophlebitis, lung toxicity, liver damage, kidney damage, anemia, vomiting, intestinal disorders, allergy.”[1] Most of these drawbacks are toxic and can be life-threatening by itself. Thus, it is only rational to look at more alternative therapies that already have proved their capabilities.

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As one of the solutions that in Dr. Jurasunas clinic is successfully using a natural chemotherapeutic agent Ukrain®. People use it for more than 15 years, and for many patients, it is the last solution. That is because they come with late stages of cancer and with several secondary tumors. It is stated that one uses Ukrain® together with other changes in patients life like antioxidants, functional food, enzyme yeast cells and a special diet that is called cancer diet. Even if there is a use of the chemical agent itself, in most of the cases it reduces the tumor size, pain as well as decreased antigen tumor markers. This makes the condition much easier for cancer patients, and they can fight much better. Ukrain® mainly works in the way that improves the activity of immune cells thus increasing the chances for the body to fight.

It might also enhance the results of chemotherapy. It has helped with numerous patients and leads to a new approach that is apart from only chemotherapy. For a body, it is a severe intervention and additional stress as it attacks not only cancer cells but the whole body thus leaving a patient highly valuable also for further complications and even a running nose or a rash can easily become a threatening issue. Nutrients, vitamins (D, E, etc.) and other supplements can be highly important to help and support the body as this battle takes a lot of away. You can see that medical procedures tend to kill also good bacteria and other important things in the body and there is a need to restore them as much as possible.

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It is not only cancer but the whole body needs attention thus for a successful treatment of cancer, a combination of therapies is a key answer. Right food choices and diet is a good base for further treatment



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