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Breast cancer rates are rapidly increasing, but there is so much behind it to know. This leads to endless researches and findings that might be important for everyone’s knowledge and understanding how to fight cancer. The basis of it P53 molecular mutation determination should be able to help to determine and to treat cancer much faster. Breast cancer itself is one of the most common cancer forms that affect women, and it also has high reoccurrence rate (70%) thus making it even more important to detect and treat as soon as possible and treat in an efficient manner.

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Cancer itself is consisting of “damaged DNA genetic material which divides without control and can invade other tissue.” [1] Thus, it is also clear that cancer cells are mutations of normal cells. P53 itself is a molecular marker that can help to diagnose any kind of cancer as all of them are based on changes in cells. P53 is also called tumor suppressor gene. Studies also have proved that “controls the apoptotic pathway and can play a key role in cancer cell self-destruction”[2]

One of the researches that were carried out in 400 patients in 2 year period found out that more than 50% have a P53 mutation. An additional characteristic is a fact that P53 gene produces a low level of P53 protein that also contributes to a residence to chemotherapy drugs. Further studies also have proved that P53 mutation also makes breast cancer more aggressive and thus have higher death risk.[3] But the P53 test can help to determine the possible effectiveness of chemotherapy and thus make better choices regarding the treatment like natural compound and combination therapies. Low molecular antioxidants, peptides, and nucleic acids have also shown good efficiency. This is a part of a breakthrough in the whole naturopathic oncology.

Genetic correction strategy

Apart from chemotherapy, it is also developed reversed a P53 process that is working as a self-destructing force by “selected natural compounds made from small molecules, nucleic acids, and antioxidants”.2 This approach helped to increase the survival time and life quality as well as limiting the recurrence possibility.

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P53 is only one of molecular markers that can be monitored and used to reverse the process. Yet it is frequent and thus also central for cancer therapy. It also means that breast cancer rate and it is possible to lower its occurrence. It is important to find therapies that are working and capable of killing cancer cells without losing time. Cancer-self destruction with administrated P53 testing is a great way forward. Further studies and experimental therapies are crucial. Over the time and further attention to P53 numerous other achievements can be made. More medical journals and therapies shall draw attention to this way of solution and consequence mineralization.




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