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The role that pays therapeutic nutrition about cancer and its prevention is a rather recent discovery. There are many further types of research to follow, but already now some facts are undeniable that the nutrition plays a huge role in the whole issue.

A normal division of cells has a lot to do with telomeres that are “DNA caps on linear chromosomes that function to prevent aberration or loss genetic of information during cell division.”[1] If telomeres are shortened, it might result in “loss of normal functions of genes, cancer propagation, immune dysfunction, aging of tissues, and the emergence of chronic disease.”[2] The reason for this process to occur is the natural aging and other issues related to it.

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For telomere support crucial are dietary supplements. The facts also show that different nutraceutical is supporting telomere function and structure. As some of the supplements can be mentioned Ginko biloba, Chinese ginger root, astragalus, vitamin D, folic acid like the one that includes vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and nicotinamide. Multivitamins and antioxidants might be used to change the length and interference of telomere.



Astragulus can help to add to immune function, sexual function, eyesight, and skin color.[3]

Omega-3 fatty acids

These are acids that help to people with coronary heart disease and telomere shortening. The proof of results were from people within five year period.[4]


Facts show that telomere shortening can happen due to oxidative stress. Also, breast cancer occurs more in women with affected telomere length. Antioxidants and its supplements can help to deal with it.[5]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to have longer telomere length.[6]


It “extends the lifespan of human fibroblasts as a presumed consequence of reducing mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species.”[7]

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It affects DNA and has epigenetic influences. The deficiency of B12 might have a link to telomere length.[8]


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