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Apart from surgical intervene and other medical procedures, also sources from nature have proved to play an important part of it all. Numerous researches in the field and they are just a further support to the fact that more important than how much you eat is what you eat as well as part of less harmful naturopathic oncology.

Previously there was a belief that naturopathic oncology can interact with chemotherapy or radiation in a negative way thus it should be avoided. Nowadays is understood that this belief is wrong.

Basis of naturopathic oncology:

  • “do no harm;
  • cooperate with the healing powers of nature;
  • address the fundamental cause of disease;
  • heal the whole person through individualized treatment;
  • teach the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine.”[1]

Basically, the biggest plus of this therapy is that it is nontoxic. This is different from the treatment with immunotherapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. It doesn’t mean that this natural medicine is the only one to use to fight and recover from cancer, but it definitely has a potential to improve well-being and recovery. At the same time, it is worth understanding that not all natural products can help in the particular condition thus it is important to draw close attention to symptoms and recovery of each person.

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Otherwise, the product can be ineffective and even harmful. It is undeniable that nature has healing powers and thus natural medicines work based on this ability. It can help to heal that is especially for those who have problems with wound healing after a surgery as well as those who have a higher risk of infections during chemotherapy or skin integrity (might occur after radiation therapy).

Healing from and of the cancer is a complex process. It is possible to call it “a chronic unhealed wound”.1 It is important also to draw attention to cancerous terrain to succeed in treating the disease. In this way it is possible to enhance the immune system, clear inflammation, balance hormones, regulate metabolism, and enhance digestion and detoxification that all play a big role in becoming health. Each receives different treatment. For example, in a case of pancreatic cancer, the naturopathic oncologist can suggest treating digestive imbalance with supplemental digestive support as well as a supplement for nutrient imbalance.

In many cases like this additional symptom is fatigue and thus, the alternative approach can help to minimize and even eliminate this symptom leading to a better life quality. At the same time, a focus should be more to the activities starting from simple ones like more walking. As for eating, especially important is to understand that soy foods and supplements are good regardless of some other information perhaps from some media and other sources.

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Naturalistic oncology can help to deal with cancer-related problems and also shed light on understanding how living standards, lifestyle, and eating habits can lead to it. Principles of healthy living are an important part of care and prevention.


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