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A lot of people might feel tired during some time of the day, but not many realize that it might mean more serious health problems. In this case, it needs additional attention and treatment. None should diminish his life quality due to thyroid level changes that can affect the whole function of the body.

A lot of people who have chronic fatigue complain about being anxious, depressed, having insomnia, memory and concentration problems, dizziness and other problems. Of course, there can be numerous reasons for this condition but increasing the number of people who have problems with thyroid gland and hormones. Low thyroid has become an epidemic disease, especially in America. There are estimations that there have been at least 13,000 patients with low thyroid in the 15 years.[1]

Nowadays in the world are a lot of chemicals that people are exposed. It is a fact that some chemicals are even in human breast milk. Also, less than 20% of all the chemicals that can have a link to newborn infants are tested for neurodevelopmental toxicity. Additionally, there are more than 1000 chemicals that are neurotoxic to animals, but they haven’t been investigated for effect in humans.[1] This means that there are a lot more to investigate and research in the field linked to thyroid hormones and gland functioning as it can have an impact on the whole body and can have long lasting effects that at the same time can be attributed to something else.

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The thyroid is a name for a gland that has butterfly shape. It is located in front of the neck. The main function is the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones then travel to all parts of the body via blood. This means that thyroid hormones help organs to function well and also control food and energy use. These hormones affect metabolism rate thus it can result in further health issues like slower brain functioning, problems with liver, heart, muscles and other parts of the body. In case if there is a lack of thyroid hormones, in most of the cases a person will feel cold or tired, but in a case when there is too much of thyroid hormone, a person can experience a warm sensation, jumpiness, and nervousness.

Functioning of thyroid gland

All the functioning of the thyroid gland is controlled by a pituitary gland at the base of the brain.[2] Thyroid hormones made from iodine that the organism receives from food. Mainly its consistency is in dairy products and seafood. However, thyroid levels and the whole organ can malfunction, and that can happen to anyone, even babies.

In a case when the thyroid gland doesn’t make an efficient amount of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism and it is rather a serious condition. It slows all the body to work much slower than in a normal way. The most typical symptoms of this condition include feeling tired, cold even in a warm place, dry skin, slow heart rate, weight gain and others. It might happen if the gland becomes swollen or enlarged. In more severe cases one of the options how to solve the problem is by removing the thyroid and replacing it with taking a hormone pill every day.

Thyroid dysfunction

In cases when there is thyroid dysfunction, there is adrenal dysfunction. That is a complex issue as there are cases when the cortisol and TSH level in blood are normal, and some symptoms are of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and others. It might take a long way to get to an understanding of thyroid dysfunction even after visiting many good physicians.

Treatment of thyroid gland and hormones

In a case of thyroid problems, a person is expected to enhance metabolism which is rather low. The body is missing mineral corticoids, aldosterone, sodium and different other substances. The condition also causes to have the inability to absorb minerals and proteins. A person needs to draw additional attention to the body to give it an opportunity to stabilize. As one of support, ways is an adrenal support that can include sleeping for 8-9 hours every night and take some vacations to lower the stress at home, workplace and other places. Additionally, especially helpful for adrenal support are nutrients for adrenal gland like “vitamin C, B vitamins (pantothenic acid, B5), vitamin A, chromium, EFAs, and good sources of cholesterol such as egg yolks, butter, and animal protein.”[3] Additional solutions for adrenals can be musculoskeletal therapies, colorpuncture, energy support, psychosocial help, and others.

Thyroid supplementation

This method is suggested by various people, including Broda, Barnes in his book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness.2 interesting is a fact that it is possible to enhance the level of the thyroid with drinking of coffee. This way coffee isn’t bad before going to sleep. Of course, the effect takes a couple of days up to weeks to work thus it needs to become a habit. Additionally, there are different pharmaceutical supplements like Nature-Throid, porcine thyroid, and others. There is also a natural estrogen and thyroid hormone compounding produced.

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People are exposed to numerous chemicals from cosmetics, consumer goods, medications and other factors. All this can cause problems with thyroid glands production of hormones. It can lead to more severe health problems thus it is important to find the right treatment. None wants to have excessive weight, headaches, anxiety and other health problems that will cost more attention and time to be solved.h-1



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