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Many of people might have heard advertisements and information about the importance of having enough vitamin D and how good it is for the body. Due to that many people might choose to simply start taking it as a supplementation even without knowing how much or whether even they need to take it. Same also refers to the way people approach to lose some weight. Different companies and other sources provide their solutions to stay healthy that might not suit everyone and even might cause the reverse effect.

Of Course, it is undeniable that vitamin D can help to balance the immune system, to reduce weight and balance sex hormones. Vitamin D itself is a hormone. In a supplementation form, it is D3 that does to the liver and then becomes an active vitamin D.

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Immune balancing

Dr. Justin Marchegiani explains in simple words that it is possible to look at the immune system from two parts – TH1 and TH2. TH1 is the natural killer that attacks the issue first, but TH2 is the humoral immune system. It might be triggered in about seven days. There can be found B (white blood cells) and memory cells can be found. In many people one or the other part of the immune system is imbalanced. Part of immune balancing also is regulatory T cells. They are influenced by D vitamin Thus if D vitamin is low, it has no ability to manipulate TH1 or TH2 parts where it is too high or deficient. D vitamin also can balance and block T17 which has a more inflammatory effect and regulates anti-bacterial enzymes in the way that they help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation possibility.

Weight loss

Vitamin D can promote weight loss. One of the recent studies on this topic was published on April 2014 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN)[1]. The study was done on around 300 postmenopausal women. The study found out that when vitamin got above the level of 32 mg/ml, a significant weight loss occurred. The reason for that was D vitamins impact on the decrease of insulin (insulin resistance) and CRP levels. CRP is a marker of inflammation. In case there is too much insulin, the excess insulin gets into muscles and converts into fat. Automatically it increases also CRP thus cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) that raises blood sugar. The Higher amount of sugar itself also gives higher insulin level. The higher vitamin D level, the more positive impact it can have so suggested amount of it would be even 32-50 mg/l or up to 100.

Sex hormonesh-1

Once there is inflammation and insulin resistance, it also has an influence on sex hormone production. D vitamin can have an impact also on other female (testosterone, estrogen) and male hormones. Studies have shown that vitamin can influence estrogen level increase in women. This effect has a lot to do with how a person feels. If there is an imbalance, it is highly likely that a person will experience more mood swings. Increased estrogen can make better neurotransmitters in the brain thus promoting dopamine and serotonin.

Before taking any vitamin or any other treatment, a good start is to get a blood test. New studies show that it has more to do than just calcium, phosphorus, bone development thus has high importance also in weight loss, hormones and immune balancing. A person can also have an auto-immune condition or some other possible problems; it is crucial to look deeper than simply taking vitamin D. Contact experienced people who will find the best solution to stay fit and healthy at the same time.


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