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The wedding is one of the most important days in any person’s life. It allows showing devotion to another person on a whole new level. Everyone wants the day to be memorable and look great. In most of the cases, this special day also gets documented, so it is another motivation to look and feel their best. This especially corresponds to women who want to be their best and feel confident so that everyone would see that they are the right choice for the man. Due to woman’s physiology and mission, many women might find it a bit challenging to get so fit and the way she would want. Thanks to the new pharmacy developments, it can be way easier. There are numerous other ways how it is possible to stay fit and feel good in a different period. And a healthy diet is one of them.

On the internet, it is possible to find numerous dietary and exercise suggestions. It isn’t a surprise as there are countless ways that can allow getting a figure that each woman wants and for different women work different approaches. Some women are successful from keeping away from sweets and other unhealthy food weeks or even months before the big day. It is true that if you manage away to keep away from ice cream, pizza, soda drinks, as well as various other food, it is possible to lose even 20 lbs or even more. Additional suggestions and ideas can also be got from special fitness magazines. There can also be found ideas of different Shannon Brooke McKenzie from Lake Forest in Illinois, for example, started to lift weights. She chooses to do with a professional trainer. She even started to sit on an exercise ball instead of an ordinary one. What was the result? She managed to get from a size 12 to size 6.[1] A way how to keep motivation is also the possibility to have your own fitness journal. It will allow to document exercise even publically. With time, it can get so overwhelmed that you couldn’t wait for a chance to share your achievements with your friends and the rest of the world. Additional photos of the results week by week or even more often can also be helpful. There can also be found easier activities like walking. In this manner, it won’t even feel like training. It is possible to do it almost any time, at least, one time per day. A usual walk is around 15-20 minutes. Also, if your work, school or some other place of need isn’t that far, it is better to choose to walk instead of a car or some other mechanic transportation. It also works well as a stress reliever. Additionally, you will also lose some weight.

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Regarding based eating program, there are numerous different ways. As one of this is Weight Watchers. It can help to stay on the track so that you would feel that you are getting closer to your aim. In this plan, the attention requires portion size, cooking manner, and other issues. The preparation bases on a point system.

It is worth taking a look at the overall health as it can be a reason for overweight as it signals that something is wrong with the sugar, glucose and overall metabolism. Additionally, it is also important to understand that starving and other radical choices will lead more to self-disruption than to a healthy looking and slim body. Joan Oniszko, Brooklyn from New York is one of the proofs that it is possible to lose weight having 3 meals per day, exercise and loose enough weight. Surprisingly, she lost 113 lbs.1

Your encouraging choice can help also others, especially people who are in need regarding some more complex problems like gathering money by running. As one of the programs can be mentioned the American Stroke Association’s Train to End Stroke program1. It focuses on a marathon to help to gather sponsors. It can be a perfect addition to those who might want to lose weight and at the same time be helpful for others. Before the marathon also, additional exercising is needed. it should be the same running but smaller distances, around 3-6 miles at least 2 times per week. There is needed additional motivation so that a person wouldn’t get scared of the distance. If there is no person, an additional motivating issue can be just walking past a shop where you can find your desired wedding dress. If you order it, at least, one size smaller, you will push even harder to get yourself in it. Any person can also create his or her own diet and fitness goals. Each day when you check the boxes of the chart, it can make it easier to understand that the more there are ticked boxes, the more there is a likeness to loose more weight.

It is possible also to join different sports teams or leagues. That can motivate to train more, and this involves getting fitter and at the same time more capable. For some people, it might be really useful to play some game instead of going to gym. In a more playful and yet active manner, it can be more fun and easily speed up metabolism.

Some people might even choose to be more creative to get in form prior to a wedding with creating notes or pictures. One good place can be a refrigerator where you can put a picture with yourself in a bikini or simply picture with a beach. It might stop from going after something unhealthy to eat.

It is possible to take also more scientific look to how to loose weight. One of the offers is the Bay Area’s Premier Weight Management program[2]. It isn’t even that hard as it might seem. It is based on fresh, real food consumption that is adjusted to each person’s individual situation. This makes it a sensible solution and with guaranteed good results. You can start it by filling an exam. It will be later reviewed by medical professionals. All of them ar licensed. They will go through the medical and weight history and at the end provide some detailed weight plan. The examination includes also measurement of:

  • Weight and blood pressure
  • Metabolic analysis and state-of-the-art body composition
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Blood panels
  • Supplements of vitamins and amino acid
  • Multivitamin with chromium picolinate

The plan includes weekly visits as a part of a private consultation. Many of the experts also have had a problem with weight so they are closely related to the issue. This helps to create an environment that allows to feel support and understanding. In this manner, it should be possible to address the individual challenges in the much easier way. The main part of the program still is food. It will teach how to eat food that is low in fat and high in proteins. At the same time, it should also be low in carbohydrate. Chemically processed and packed food isn’t the best choice despite it’s one of the easiest to get and have anywhere you are. With the right choices like making food in advance makes it plausible to have your own fresh dish wherever you are. Detailed exercise planning will also help to gain energy, strength and keep the weight away. The health and progress will be monitored so that there wouldn’t be any lack of vitamins, needed acids, and other supplements. Additional psychological experts will help to address obstacles that might appear during the wished program. There are strategies that can be developed to help you to deal with different situations. The program can also be ongoing as it will allow to get long time support to help to keep away from the ordinary eating habits. It is not a secret that weight tends to go back and even in twice more amount.

16 weeks can be enough to start some good weight loss program before the wedding. You can always discuss what the best plan how to lose weight is. Opinions differ if is more profound do Zumba, weight lifting, etc. You can take suggestions from other women who have their own way how to tackle weight issue. Abiti says that she lost 18 lbs being on Weight Watchers.[3] She combined it together with Zumba in the third week and it helped to loose additional 4.2 lbs. Shannon also has shared her good result with weight watchers – she lost 25lbs and it has stayed that way. Shelly, on the other hand, thinks that it is as easy as the old knowledge of dieting and exercising. Future Mrs. Miz adds that it is useful also to count your calories as well as increase the level of exercising over time. The private user also thinks that isn’t anything more than hard work. She did mixed activities like lifting heavy weights, taebo moves and got motivated herself and from her companion. This woman lost 53 lbs so it is clear that she knows what she is doing. Mdyblu5 states that she also speeded up losing weight with Weight Watchers. It can be found on the internet and for a cheap price with an almost guaranteed result. This is one of the best ways for busy people. Additionally, she also walks 1 or 2 times per week. It is not a secret that she didn’t stop there. Another private user says that eating healthy food isn’t that hard as it makes fast and other unhealthy food. Fruits and vegetables can taste as great as and even greater than fruits. Tina-BO-Bina, also highlights an issue that some women think that with lifting and training they will get big muscular mass. Exercising just burns faster calories and to get muscles instead of them isn’t that easy. Dex suggests also to stay away from extensive alcohol consumption and unhealthy cooked food. However, to take some vodka or stronger drink with juice isn’t a crime and wouldn’t have an extensive impact on the weight. It is good also to eat small meals at least 5 times per day instead of 3 or less huge ones to avoid overeating. Additionally, Courtney suggests that you should increase the consumption of veggies and carbs. Easy and cheap activity is also hula hoop. Keli716 says that she used it 10 minutes every day and she could see results already in 2 weeks time. She also says that it was way more useful than going to gym 30 minutes per day as she saved money and time. As an opposite, more radical view shares Spike who says that she used OXyElite diet pills. They have helped her to lose 4 lbs in a week. For a feeling that she is full, this woman used the Lean Shakes. They are protein shakes. It is important to drink a lot of water and always use them only when eating something. Another easy solution to keep yourself in shape is simply to find what you like to do that is active. In this manner, it won’t seem as an obligation and you could find it possible to be carried out in many more times. It was suggested by Leticia from www.weddingwire.com forum. Talking about using internet offered sources, also, Atkins program is for free and can be useful. Laura also states that for her just changing her eating habits for 3 months didn’t give anything. Atkins program is based on a carb diet. The limitation of carbohydrates that is sugar allows also to deal with sugar. Another effective approach in the matter of nutrition support was taking P90X that was a great deal for Marie. Additionally, she used also Shakeology as a replacement for the standard meals. As we can see from the different suggestions and opinions, for different people different methods were used to feel better and achieve their best weight loss. In the combination of different actions and pharmaceutical ingredients, it is possible to manage weight.

It is important not only to look for the ways how to lose weight but also how to maintain the form. Some of the suggestions are from Jennifer Warner who is the researcher and writer about health topics. Researchers have shown that despite the fact that a lot of people have succeeded to lose weight, even more, people have gained weight after and in many cases it has been even more than they lost. Some might have tried to use dieter’s tea with laxatives to speed up with losing the weight. In similar cases, people have lost and gained weight. Drastic measures including “fad diets”[4] or pills to lose weight fast. It can lead to additional health problems. Less severe cases involve fainting and headaches. It is important to have appropriate nutrition. Warner even says that it is, even more, stress in already stressful times. For whatever decisions related to diet and health, the suggestion is that a person consults a nutritionist, personal trainer and dietitian who is registered and proved his or her capabilities. One of the personal trainers is Sue Fleming.4 She understands that wedding is the most important day for a woman and thus they want to look their best. She says that the main areas of concern for women are back, arms and shoulders. As one of Fleming’s suggestions are to start a bridal “boot camp”4 at least six months before the planned wedding. This special plan includes strength and cardiovascular training 3-4 times for an hour on a daily basis. It means more time at the gym, but that also means guaranteed results. Brides-to-be should also know that it is expected to even gain some weight at the start of exercises as the body will build lean muscle mass. From then on there is expected weight loss. Experts say that the most reasonable one is about 1 pound a week. So the program length differs from the amount of weight someone wants to lose. If we are talking about 18 pounds, then it means the program should start at least 18 months before the wedding. This is a steady approach and people with patience will understand its benefits. Smaller weight gains every week by this program will pay off in the way that there will be less likeness that the weight will come back after the wedding.

Take a look at the further suggestions from Marcer:

–    Tend to eat smaller portions

–    Limit food that has empty calories like high fat and sugar snacks

–    Eat more fruits and vegetables. They provide good nutrition and add fewer calories without making you feel worse about it

–    Pay attention that calorie can also be consumed by drinking. Don’t overdose with the use of different alcoholic beverages or drinks that have a lot of sugar (Coke, Fanta, etc.). Did you know that many beverages have around 100 calories?

–    Eat leaner, low-fat meat and different dairy products

There are many women who also choose to go on to a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Weight-loss and fitness plans can be adjusted in the most pleasant ways so that it can become a part of daily routine the way that with a time you wouldn’t feel any pressure or weight to perform them as they would become a normal part of the daily routine. You can witness also changes in the mental level. Women who tended to be more stressful, frantic, easily get down by challenges, etc. in many cases have become focused and motivated so much that anyone would feel the difference. It makes the person itself feel good and desiring to be in the pictures.

How high is the possibility to be heavier than ever after?

Of course, there is always a chance for the weight to come back, in many cases, it happens even in higher amounts. Some women indeed wouldn’t be pleased after the honeymoon to see that they don’t look quite as good as in their wedding day. Researchers have also shown that people who ar married tend to gain weight way faster than the ones that are enjoying their single life. This fact is supported also by the researcher Jeffery Sobal, Ph.D., a professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University.  He states also that married people tend to be heavier than the ones who have been previously married, separated, widowed and divorced. Couples tend to eat at least half of their emails together thus marriage generally has a high influence on the food consumption, food nutrition. Having a dinner or some other meal together has higher value and also tend to consist of multiple courses. However, in the practical life, it is possible to escape the weight gain and some couple have proved that. As one of the examples is newlywed Bonnie Lee in N.Y. She was exposed to even higher temptation as she was studying at the French Culinary Institue thus they were cooking together. Eating at home definitely is better than eating out. Even in a restaurant, the food is made by overusing the oil as they aren’t measuring its use. It is possible also to have some quick meals with low calories like fruits, vegetables, stir-fries, and salads. Additionally, if a person learns how to cook properly, it doesn’t take much time. To make it cost less, it is also possible to buy things that are the freshest and seasonable.

Why 16 weeks before the wedding is considered to be a good time to start the dieting

This time is preferred to mainly because you should avoid feeling upset it wouldn’t be that drastic. It also has more possibility that new baits will become long term lifestyle. You can also find foods that make you feel full like cabbage soup that is low in calories. Not only free, oils, and other obvious things increase fat but also bananas and eggs. They work especially on buttocks area.[5]

The most popular diet pills in the year 2016

For those who still would want to lose weight fast and the easiest way possible, many diet pills are available in the market. Anyone should firstly consult a dietary specialist, but some basic facts are possible to know also from the package information that includes side effects, consistency, and other facts. They still should be just an addition to a healthy eating and lifestyle as pills by themselves cannot win the fight against weight if a person himself doesn’t do much to make it happen. However, there are some pills that might become handy for any woman who would want to try out losing weight faster and especially for those who doesn’t have that much time to invest in exercising. It is possible even get the money back after 90 days if the pills don’t give the result you expected. Thanks to this there is almost nothing to loose. It is understandable that it is worth trying.

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Some of the most popular pills in the year 2016 include[6]:

  • – Apiden that has been the best selling diet pill for 3 years now. It’s same as any other pill’s ingredients are clinically tested and backed. It is great for those who are investing their effort and got tired of achieving minimal results. Also, it is said that it doesn’t have any side effects.
  • – Phytrogen that has high potency and concentration ingredients. It includes 7 clinically-tested ingredients.
  • – OxySelect Pin is specially made for women by women so it is a good solution for females who want to lose some weight due to various reasons
  • – Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts is “a high-definition targeting and sculpting agent using a two-step ingredient blend of all-natural compounds”.7 And it focuses on accelerating metabolism and boosting mental focus. Additional caffeine gives an energy kick to make the best out of the capabilities each person has. It might come really handy is there are a lot of different training involved and a person really wants to loose a lot of weight in a shorter period of time.
  • – Gym Vixen Sexy Ripped is another product designed for women. The extracts used in it are all natural.
  • – IdealBoost is more simple powder. It main aim is to block hunger thus allowing the persistent calories to burn and improve the overall energy. It can easily be used as an addition to a water bottle.
  • – ProMera Capsi-Blast Plus is also a new approach to “thermogenic weight loss”.7 It uses ingredients to accelerate weight loss and energy boosting natural fat metabolism and hormones.
  • – SlimVox is also mainly used among women for fat breakdown, hunger reducement, and hormone level balance.
  • Additional supplements can also be vitamins, herbs, minerals, some other plants as well as amino acids that help to build protein. The modern pharmacy allows to use them in different ways – like pills, liquid, tablets, and some other ways. It is the only addition to the diet and shouldn’t be considered to be a permanent food replacement. You can easily buy them at the grocery stores, health food stores, pharmacies, on the Internet and some other shops. The most common supplements include minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C. from plant products popular are St. John’s wort and from natural source omega -3 fatty acids. They all contribute to the healthy body and weight. People have used different dietary supplements for thousands of years for maintaining the health and treating different illnesses. Back in history, those were something like willow bark tea. They can also be good relaxants and stimulants whenever there is such a need.
  • Young women or women who are planning to get married often want to look their best on their special day. It is a normal desire and the modern pharmacy and dietary planning can helo to achieve this desire. It is important for every woman to find their own way which works the best to lose the weight – for some it might be following Diet Watchers, using a hula hoop, running, taking dietary pills, supplements or some other solutions. Important is to use some professional suggestions and monitor your body changes to make the best changes in your body. It doesn’t mean starvation but a complex plan. It can also be a valuable part for those women who plan also to prepare the body for pregnancy. With lifestyle changes like these, it will be possible also to avoid stress and feel happier. Healthy diet around 16 weeks before the wedding with controlled actions will definitely pay off. From writing a plan down, managing everyday activities and meals, buying appropriate and motivational clothes to finally feeling like achieving the right weight and fitting the best dress is any woman’s dream. Nowadays it is easy to achieve and there are helpers all around. A woman just needs to dare to take risks and also listen to suggestions. Others and especially husbands will definitely appreciate the efforts. Also, the body will be thankful for better metabolism, sugar level, and other indicators that in many cases can lead to further illness or disease. A normal weight is a part of being healthy. Every woman wants to not only look beautiful from the outside but also be beautiful and healthy from the inside. Going to get married can be a great motivator. With over the time, it can be easily understood as a good opportunity and experience. Any woman can combine their lifestyle and eating in the way that it would be healthy, and influence all the further life. Everything is possible and the hardest is simply to start.



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