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The body is a subject to different inside and outside influences. A lot of women come to seek help when they notice that there is a change in their looks, especially weight. But additional weight usually is a result of quite complicated processes in the body. Functional medicine is one of the approaches that might help to track down different negative influences that might lead to obesity.

Functional medicine is a new model of treatment. It is a systems approach to tracking the underlying health issues like obesity and other problems that women might face. It is important to take care of the cause of symptoms. Dr. Justin Marchegiani[1] shares more light on different aspects of the functional medicine.

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It is hard to avoid stress on a daily basis. It might be physical, emotional and also chemical. Physical stress occurs when there is too much or too little exercise, chronic pain, sports, injury, etc. Emotional stress might be conscious and subconscious: family issues, finance, etc. And the last but not least, chemical stressors that might be called hidden stressors. They affect certain genes in the body, for example, affecting genes to feel good, turn on genes that turn on towards tumors, etc. Chemical stressors might be blood sugar issues, chronic infection (bacteria, parasites, virus, etc.).

These health issues might be under the surface, and a person might not even be diagnosed with it. These can also be hormonal imbalances, stomach acids and much more. One of the stressors, like chronic pain, can trigger other stressors, like emotional – feeling depressed, and also chemical stressors by creating inflammation and again creating pain. So, for a person, it was difficult to get out of this circle on his or her own.

System dysfunction

Stressors overflow and can become system issues like hormones. These are from adrenals, female or male hormones, and thyroid hormones. When the balance is high, it leads to the next system function issue which is gut. It might have a simple explanation that when a person has a hormonal imbalance, it also affects the body’s possibility to break down foods, increases the ability to make hydrochloride acid, enzymes, biosolids, so a person starts to have digestion problems, problems dealing with toxic metabolites.

There are increasing the number of bacteria and other unhealthy issues in the gut that also triggers toxication issues. In this case, the liver becomes over burned; toxicity also leads to digestion leading to further health problems. From this, we can understand that hormones are first to break down. Different symptoms can appear at any stage of the pathway. It is important to address where the system breaks first, and usually, it is at the hormonal level.


When health issues are affected, which is mostly starting with hormonal imbalances that for women happens monthly due to menstruation or largely during the onset of menopause, it leads to different symptoms. Later in many cases, it leads also to mood changes like anxiety, OCD, etc. It can also be chronic pain from menstruation. So simply giving treatment for pain, depression, weight gain or any other symptom won’t fix the cause and functional medicine is all about treating the cause.

Basis of functional medicine

  • Look at the underlying stressors
  • Look for which body’s systems are out of balance

Once these are taken care of, with time symptoms will start to disappear.

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Functional medicine becomes more and more popular way how to treat health problems that many women face. Only in this way it is possible to find the right treatments that will actually help to bring the body into balance and thus also get rid of different symptoms from which really compare are hormonal imbalances and more visible ones like obesity.


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