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The Healing Power of Foods

20We are a society that loves to medicate itself over, not matter what age or condition (although sometimes it’s unavoidable), simply because most people aren’t aware that taking drugs does not cure the root causes of our symptoms as a lack of the right information. Unfortunately, drugs cause a negative cycle of damage to the body, resulting in more drugs, then more damage. These so called helpful drugs put pressure on our liver, pancreas, kidneys, and even our immune system.
So what can we do to help ourselves when sick? Simple, eat the right kind of food for you. Food can prevent, reverse and cure so many of our defined “diseases”, such as high blood pressure, allergies, irritated bowel disease, depression and any other disease you can think of (even cancer).
We all have the opportunity, and the duty, to build back trust with the foundation of life – food.

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Food carries genetic information to every cell and gene in our system. If you choose to eat “negative” food such as foods with high sugar and fats foods, high amount of fructose corn syrup, excessive flour, and more, then you are poisoning yourselves and as a result: causing your body damage.
It’s important to understand that while, for some of us, oatmeal and milk can be poisonous food for some, but for others – it is just the perfect meal. To use food as a healing device, you must first understand your body’s needs and know what to eat and when.

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You have to remember that food sends messages, stimulate signals – create a change. Just think for a second, what if you change your diet. Made those baby steps towards clean foods, energizing foods and finally give your body the nourishing it deserves.

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