Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – Weight Loss Aim: Damn, You Look Good!

“Damn…you look good! You don’t even look like you were pregnant!”

“God, how did you get back to being so thin? You look so great!” Have you heard this before? I bet you have. Many of us are pleased with this kind of feedback, especially when we are putting the efforts to lose weight. Though some others, regardless of their efforts, are still waiting for that compliment.
Can the real “weight scale” make us feels better? Can losing 2 or 4 pounds (1-2 kilograms) leave us with such new feelings that we might forget to recognize ourselves?
Recent customers make me wonder. This young woman (late 20s), 110 pounds, tall, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, looks gorgeous, skinny, and yet obsessed with weight scale rather than simply enjoying her life. Objectively, she’s underweight. She is in starvation mode, regularly vomiting, stopped eating, nutritionally depleted, moody, grumpy, full of medication, spending hundreds of dollars between professional clinics and missing the best present she got – her life, her health!

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Question yourself!

Some questions might arise. Is it just a cultural brainwash? What are our standards of beauty? Is it the fact that we do not estimate the healing power of foods as a source of balance and happiness?
Other groups of great women that I’m working with went into the “yo-yo” diet pattern in the past, from overweight to over thin, back and forward. They destroyed their metabolism, weakened their immune system, harmed their gastrointestinal tract with infections, had diarrhea or constipation,   depression, starvation, stressed their body to the point where their genes expressed themselves to disease like diabetes, and yes, even some had cancer.
We need to nourish ourselves; we need to balance our body and we need to respect and appreciate our natural weight. If we are pregnant or post-pregnant, pre-menopause or menopause, we need to take care of our body. This is our holy temple where our spirit and happiness exists.

Get to know your body, and get to love your body – feel comfortable. Please don’t push your daughters to stress their body to the point where they become either underweight or overweight. Let them enjoy life and enjoy eating. Teach them to eat right, and to listen to their body.

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Experience those emotions too; ma15ke it a positive habit: love yourself and your body so you could support yourself and your daughter. Put the oxygen mask on you first. Being healthy and well-balanced is the key to a successful and fulfilled life. Don’t you think so?
And yes, YOU do look good and even great regardless your weight scale!



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