Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – Silicon Valley – Having Headaches or Migraines?

Digging a bit, I have found an important piece of the migraine puzzle which I thought would be interesting to share –

Drinking water from plastic bottled water!! You might be surprised about its connection to migraines.
The “safe” and “healthy” ingredients that elevating our estrogens and causing headraces & migraines surprising, huh?

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A recent study found that when rats of exposures of the ingredient Bisphenol (BPA) is high in our bodies, migraine symptoms became significantly worse. This includes an increased sensitivity to light, sound, and movement.

A BPA is an environmental estrogen. That means that BPA mimics the effects of estrogen in your body. You can find it in many plastics and canned goods. But that’s not the only place it’s hiding. BPA also lurks in surprising places like receipts, children’s toys, and pizza boxes. It even makes its way into the toilet paper. This chemical can wreck your endocrine system and throw your hormones out of balance. Plus it’s also a known carcinogen.

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Just try to avoid BPA.

  • Drink water from a glass jar or clean canteen. Try to find bottles marked with either a “2” or a “5.” These are known to be safe.
  • Avoid microwaving food in plastic containers. Microwaving can cause the BPA in these containers to “leech” onto your food as a nasty additive.
  • Eliminate plastic and canned foods from your diet.
  • Reduce urinary BPA levels up to 66 percent in just three days by taking these easy stemigrainesps
    (yes, over the weekend I was drinking water from a plastic bottle)


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