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Suffer from any of the following symptoms from IBS?
⦁ Cramps or pain in the stomach area1-12-1
⦁ Constipation – infrequent stools that may be hard and dry
⦁ Feeling like you haven’t finished a bowel movement
⦁ Diarrhea – frequent loose stools
⦁ Alternating between diarrhea and constipation
⦁ Mucus in the stool
⦁ Swollen or bloated stomach area
⦁ Gas
⦁ Discomfort in the upper stomach area or feeling uncomfortably full or nauseous after eating a normal size meal
If so, you might suffer from IBS which stands for “Irritable bowel syndrome”.

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I don’t want to scare you, though if you suffer from any of these partial or collective symptoms for at least 3 months you sure want to address it, ease symptoms with proper nutrition, food, and oral enzymatic supplements. Most people that face these symptoms have a hard time digesting carbohydrates. The big question is: do they have a hard time digesting glucose, fructose, lactose, sorbitol or sucrose? If you have a hard time digesting any of the following sugars, you most likely will develop diarrhea and over time, food mal-absorption. The IBS’s condition can affect children and adults.
It can be caused by the following condition:
a. inadequate enzymes;
b. inflammation in the gut;
c. bacterial overgrowth;

Improving food digestion by effective food and oral enzymatic supplements will balance your small intestine symptoms and relief the discomfort.

Enzyme imbalance Symptoms:

⦁ Craving for sugars or salts?
⦁ Bloating 2 hours after a meal?
⦁ Gas after eating raw vegetables or fats or refine sugars?
⦁ Alternate between constipation and diarrhea?
⦁ Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?
⦁ Chronic pain, leg cramps? Rheumatoid arthritis?
⦁ Diagnosed with diabetes? Hypothyroidism? Anxiety? Colitis or Crohn’s?
⦁ Hard time to lose weight?

The human body has at least 3,000 different types of enzymes. Each enzyme has a unique role in our body’s functionality. To utilize their role, enzymes need to have micro and macro nutrients such as minerals and vitamins to operate to their optimum levels. If your body is nutritionally depleted then most likely the stress on the enzymatic reaction is compromised and over time you feel low, crave for sweets, pain, etc.

You need enzymes to breath, to circulate blood, to digest foods to support our immune systems our hormonal system, brain, etc. – to keep us alive and functioning.

Age, stress, metabolic imbalance, hormone imbalance, environmental toxins, medication, cancer treatment, food sensitivity or allergies are some of the factors that affect the effectiveness of our enzymes, which leave us vulnerable to illness.

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Chen Ben Asher, a Certified Nutrition Consultant MA, CNC, FLT, QRA Nutritional Testing, Member of The National Association of Nutrition Professionals, provides nutritional care for those wanting to improve their quality of life through a Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic and Time-lined programs based on science, real foods, and medicinal foods. Her effective, holistic nutritional approach will support you on your life’s journey to achieve your body’s optimal wellness by losing weight while gaining health.

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