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7 Reasons To Hire A Nutritionist

“It’s Not What You AVOID Eating, It’s About What You EAT!”

Food matters, there's no doubt about it! When you eat, a biochemical reaction takes place and as you know, for every action there is always an equal or greater reaction. This chain of reaction affects your health, your mind and your spirit! This is where a holistic nutritional approach can help you target biochemical reactions towards healing rather than creating reactions that are getting in the way, or even worse, harming you! When nourishing your body with whole, dense, fresh and organic food the end results are so amazing that it can be life changing!

Are you looking to make a change? Keep reading because you'll discover that you're not alone in your battle!   

The human body is a complex system, but did you know it has its own self-healing and self-rejuvenating mechanism which depends completely on macro and micronutrients?  A professional certified holistic nutritional consultant will educate you about whole, dense, real foods as a first line defense towards restoring balance back to your body. As you increase your body’s healing capabilities, functionality will improve to optimize your health as much as possible. For example, is it enough to cut sugar and carbs to bring your blood sugar levels down? The answer is no!

A professional nutritionist will take you to the next level of healing! He or she will work with you towards improving insulin receptor signals in your body. This will improve your body’s glucose consumption while supporting your digestive system, which means you can break down your food to reach your desired health goals! This is just one of many examples how hiring a professional certified holistic nutritional consultant will have a huge impact on your healing process!

Each person's body is different so each problem presented needs a specific solution. You can't afford to play guessing games with your body or health! You owe it to yourself to work with a professional who knows and understands how to help you achieve optimal health while maintaining the weight that's right for you!

Let's face it, we're all different! Hiring your own professional certified holistic nutritional consultant comes with the clear benefit of finding the right solution for you. You need to design and customize your nutritional protocol (meal plan, herbs, teas and food supplementations) based on your specific health, family history, bodily symptoms, diagnosed illnesses, drugs and medications you take combined with your personal resources (lifestyle, budget, support system, cooking skills, motivation, etc). This can feel overwhelming and can also be dangerous if not put into the hands of a certified professional!

The relationship developed with your nutritionist over time will increase your likelihood of success as you work together to overcome your obstacles! Remember, your holistic nutritional consultant works with you! They will be keeping your interests and goals in mind while providing you with the nutritional, motivational and emotional support you need for success!

Do you really know what you're putting into your belly? True, you can search online and get relevant nutritional information, however, it will be tough if you're reading 2-4 "professional and reliable" sources that are contradicting each other! Few things can be as frustrating or confusing as trying to track down what a specific ingredient is and if it's safe to eat! An active professional certified holistic nutritional consultant must continue his or her educational training to stay updated with the latest clinical nutritional studies. The end result is certified professional solutions for based nutritional food, herbs, teas and food supplementation choices to fit your health, lifestyle, allergies and food preferences (likes and dislikes). Most importantly, this can be adjusted based on your individual biochemical reactions to make changes that can last a lifetime!

Choosing the right foods for your body type is only half the battle. Sometimes you need somebody in your corner who not only believes in you, but cares about your success and health as much as you do!

What amazes me again and again are the little ways in how the body reacts to the food we eat. Even though it seems small, these reactions can have such a big impact on your weight and health! A simple bite of an apple can supply the essential building blocks to produce vitamins, minerals and other essentials our bodies need. I love how quickly people can improve and maintain their health just by adjusting the “right” foods (quality and quantities) for their own unique body and metabolism into their diet. Knowing the healing power of food is a priceless gift that I love to share with my clients who inspire me to keep doing my part (continuing my education, research, creating new recipes in my kitchen lab, new methods, products, etc). Walking together and being part of a person’s journey toward healthy living is the most empowering, inspiring and rewarding experience for me! I love sharing the joy of success with all my clients and I can't wait to do it time and time again!

Nutrition is the foundation of life. It’s not an alternative method; it’s part of your daily routine. You eat at least 3 times a day and you do it every single day. You can’t live without eating; this is why proper nutrition is so crucial and so important! You can support your body by eating properly while activating your body’s own self-healing and balancing mechanisms.  A holistic nutritional consultant will hand out great, easy recipes so you can enrich your food repertoire while supporting your health.  

You can: Boost your energy, improve your sleep quality, enhance memory, reduce allergy symptoms, deal with gluten sensitivity symptoms and celiac disease, improve your digestive system, balance your hormonal levels (Thyroid, Adrenal, Mood, PMS, Weight Imbalances, etc) bring blood markers back to their “normal” levels (cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, CRP, H1ac etc), support chemotherapy or radiation treatment for people who are coping with cancer and so much more.

A professional nutritionist will help you find the exact solutions your body is looking for! Your body wants to be healthy as much as you do! Your body is tired of having to fight itself or the symptoms of not being cared for properly through nutrition!

Give yourself and your body the gift that will keep giving throughout your entire life: hire a nutritionist!

You Deserve To Be Happy, You Deserve This!

When considering hiring a professional nutritional consultant, specifically to support health challenges, you want to find an experienced professional nutritionist who knows how to interpret your lab results correctly! They need to be able to determine, if any, additional intervention measures to be taken or look for any food-medication interactions that are occurring. A nutritionist who knows how to read your body reactions (symptoms) is important so they can make the nutrition adjustments needed to support your desired results.

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