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Welcome to Mor's Nutrition & More!

Mor’s Nutrition & More is a Functional and Integrative Holistic Nutritional Practice.

We are an Austin, Texas (TX)-based nutritional clinic, with additional offices in Bay-Area, Silicon Valley California (CA), focusing mainly on autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalance for women, and metabolic dysfunction.
We provide ongoing nutritional support for client’s dealing with chronic conditions relating to:

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Whether you pick a test from your doctor or me, picking the right test is key for unlocking your health.

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Fill out a detailed personal profile about your lifestyle, nutrition, family history, genetics, and more. Then, tell us what your goals are and what you’ve tried in the past.

Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations

We’ll dive deep into your test and recommend specific lifestyle changes to improve your health.


Your Personalized Nutritional Program (PNP) will show you how to make changes today and see progress tomorrow.

Track and Adjust Your Progress

As your body changes, your customized plan will teach you how to track them. The more data you gather, the better your plan will be, and the healthier you’ll feel every day.

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Many of our clients come to us after numerous failed attempts and years of struggling to get relief from their symptoms.

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Mor’s Nutrition & More is right for you.

If you or your loved ones might be suffering from gut related issues, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. I can help you find relief—even if you've tried most traditional solutions.

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Meet Chen Ben Asher

Chen Ben Asher, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® Consultant, M.A, CGP, FLT.

Nutrition is a Critical Part in the Path to Healing & Wellbeing

Ignoring the symptoms has never helped.

Increasing your Personalized Risk Profiles and Getting Sick does NOT make any sense. There are NO miraculous drugs for illness. Medications are just too slow or they just stop the worsening of the situation.

Break the Herd Mentality

Trust Your Body’s WISDOM

Test, Adjust, Support & Optimize Your Health.

Include NUTRITION as a Key Factor for Better Health & Wellbeing.

- Chen Ben Asher

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