Best Foods to Eat After Surgery

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Over 20 Delicious Easy to make Recipes to Enjoy, to Heal & Strength Your Immune System In the Days, Weeks, & Months after Surgery.

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There is no better time to invest a few minutes in yourself than right now and find out the specific kinds of food that have potent healing effects on your immune system. You’ll also find out how easy it is to gain a permanent boost of energy.

Being a health-conscious person who is attuned to all the innovative diets and food trends is not enough when you have undergone a surgery… because if nothing else has changed, which is highly unlikely, you are now more vulnerable to infections – your body’s stress mechanisms have affected your immune system.

The fact is that nowadays even organic fruits and vegetables do not contain sufficient amount of certain vitamins and microelements.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states: “Suboptimal intake of some vitamins causes vitamin deficiency, which is a risk factor for chronic diseases in the general population, especially the elderly.” How can you maintain healthy and balanced nutrition after a surgery when you have so many dietary restrictions?

The solution is quality food! Your body absorbs 98% of the nutrients in quality food, and you will not need to use vitamin supplements to boost your immune system. This fact alone justifies paying $ 50 or $100 to swap your pills for healthy food recipes!

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