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 Dietary Supplements for Kids of All Ages

Dietary Supplements for Kids of All Ages

Food matters, there’s no doubt about it! When you eat food, a biochemical reaction starts. This chain reaction affects our health, our mind and our spirit! IT AFFECTS OUR CHILDREN TOO! This is why we now offer integrative nutritional support for families and children!

Kids develop food preferences early in life.  Children know the difference between healthy foods and foods that make them feel drained and sick. When life forces us to change diets, you want to have a professional on board that has experience in both nutrition & psychological counseling to help you reach your goal: lasting results from dietary changes.

Chen Ben-Asher offers knowledge & experience from both the nutritional and psychological counseling fields. She works with children challenged with health issues such as food allergies, inflammatory disorders as well as chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, chronic diarrhea/constipation, mala-absorption, ADHD, ADD and other health conditions.

Children cannot do it themselves. Parents must be involved in helping work toward a successful healing process. Chen’s guidance helps parents encourage their children to adopt dietary changes on a practical level based on scientific principles. In most cases, the whole family’s lifestyle will change!

Every bite counts, every healthy food choice you make takes you towards being safer & healthier!